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6 calcium sources other than milk



We have grown up believing that milk is the only legit source of calcium. This gets even more complicated if we go by the logic that an average Indian needs three servings of calcium (dairy) a day. If you love milk, you won’t mind, else you are in for trouble. Is it? Not really.

First and foremost, you don’t need three servings of dairy to meet your calcium requirement. Secondly, milk is not the only source of calcium. There are other nutrient-rich foods that give you stellar amounts of calcium for your body. Read on:

Roasted sesame seeds: It is believed that 1 ounce of these seeds give you 277 mg of calcium.

Sprouted soybean: Have half a cup of these and you get 230 mg of calcium.

Salmon: The good old salmon with bones offers you 212 mg of rich calcium.

Tofu: Have half a cup of tofu daily and you get a stellar 253 mg of rich calcium.

Kale: 188 mg of calcium is what you get from 2 cups of this wonder superfood.

Almonds: While it may not give you as high an amount of calcium like the others in the list, but a handful of almonds give you approximately 72 mg of calcium.

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