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71-yr-old crocodile ‘Babiya’ living in the premises of Vishnu temple is a strict vegetarian!

In the holy waters of Ananthapur Lake temple, dedicated to Lord Ananthapadmanabha Swami (Lord Vishnu), you will find a devotee, like no other.

This hard to believe tale is of 60-year-old crocodile that hasn’t touched meat in years and guarding the premise; all in true devotion of Lord Vishnu.

Devotees who visit the pond, only to get a glimpse of Babiya, return overwhelmed when they see her feeding on their ‘prasada’ offering (strictly given by priests.)

People often take bath in the holy water, but there hasn’t been ever a case of anyone being harmed by the croc.

Located in Kasaragod District of Kerala, this temple is often thronged by devotees to see Babiya, who lives in the care of local priests, who feed her ‘prasadam’ three times a day.

Shri Ramchandra Bhat, a trustee with the temple says, “Here, we believe that Babiya is a God-sent and till she is here, nothing wrong will ever happen to the temple or its well-wishers.”

Locals believe that back in 1945, a British soldier killed Babiya with his gun; next day she was found hale and hearty swimming in the pond. Few days later, the soldier was found dead of a snake bite.

Watch this unbelievable footage…

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