7th Pay Commission Dilemmas

7th Pay Commission Promises

7th Pay Commission Promises

The Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, is vying to keep his promise of raising the minimum pay over 18,000 INR ( the amount which was actually recommended by the commission). The news has recently come out from the sources of the Ministry of Finance.

It was said that the hike is likely to be announced in the minimum pay, beyond what was recommended by the 7th Pay Commission during the onset of the new year, 2018.

The Central Government employees have been irked by the delay that has been made in announcing the Pay Commission hike in the recent times.

FM Arun Jaitley held a meeting with various representatives of the Central Government employees on 30th June, 2016 at the residence of the Home Minister, Rajnath Singh. He reportedly promised the representatives that he would consider raising the minimum pay beyond what was actually recommended by the 7th Pay Commission.

In accordance with the promises, Jaitley formed the National Anomaly Committee (NAC), which aims at fulfilling the pay anomalies of the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations. The Central Government employees were left dissatisfied after the NAC failed to submit their report on the pay hike, even after a year passed away. The Committee is supposed to hold one final meeting after the Assembly Elections of HImachal Pradesh and Gujarat are done with. The results of the same will be declared on the 18th of December.

The NAC, this time around, is more likely to hike the minimum pay by Rs. 21,000, from the existing filament factor of 2.57 to 3.00. The Central Government employees however, are still asking for a hike of Rs. 26,000 and a filament factor rise of 3.68 times.

The 7th Pay Commission aimed at a 14.27 per cent hike, which is the lowest in 7 years, which was the bone of contention between the Central Government employees and the Finance Ministry and the Commission.

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