9 brutal ways CIA tortured terror detainees


The 500-page United States Select Committee on Intelligence’s damning report on the Central Intelligence Agency’s torture tactics lists numerous instances of rights violations. While it is difficult to point out every ghastly detail here, lists at least 9 instances

He spent 266 hours inside coffin-size confinement box

Detainee was made to wear a diaper; exposed to dangerously loud music

Detainees were shackled to the walls, kept in darkness, given buckets for human waste

They threatened to sexually abuse Al-Rahim al-Nashiri’s mother in front of him

Detainee was tortured for addressing interrogator as ‘SIR’; put in isolation for over 2 years

CIA put hummus in a detainee Majid Khan’s rectum

Another detainee was waterboarded 183 times

When CIA HQ ordered interrogators to go beyond legal limits

Rough takedowns were ‘part of the atmospherics’

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