A city that never sleeps―Mumbai’s most haunted places


A surprisingly long list of haunted places in Mumbai might just redefine the literal meaning of Mumbai’s tagline – the city that never sleeps. Countless stories of paranormal experiences do the rounds in the vintage lanes of Mumbai. Spirits of women who haunt building complexes, roads that nobody wants to drives on post sunset, a chawl that has been the haunt of ghostbusters and more – there is plenty in Mumbai to give you a spine-chilling experience. Here’s the scariest of the lot.

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D’Souza Chawl
The story that surrounds the D’Souza Chawl in Mahim might sound as if it’s straight out of a horror movie, but it has many takers, nevertheless, not to mention eyewitness accounts. Families living in the chawl testify to a woman’s tragic death after she accidentally fell inside a well some decades ago. Ever since then, her reluctant spirit is said to roam the chawl complex. Call its somebody’s fertile imagination or the work of gossip enthusiasts, people living in the chawl prefer to stay indoors after sunset.
Sanjay Gandhi National Park
A surprisingly green reserved area on the northern edge of Mumbai, this national park attracts more than just wildlife lovers. If you like chasing ghost stories, this place has quite a few. Come nightfall and you might catch the guards saying a silent prayer and crossing over to the less dense areas of the park. Delve further and they will tell you of their encounters with a lady ghost, who often tries to stop people driving around. In case they do not stop, she goes on to scare the daylights out of them by chasing them at lightning speed. People who live in tiny hutments in the park do not dare to venture outside in the dark, fearing this ghost more than any leopard or wild animal that could just be lurking around.

Pawan Hans Quarters
A spine-tingling horror tale is what makes the vicinity of Pawan Hans Quarters off limits after dark. People who have been here in the dark have reportedly come across a girl who covered with flames, runs screaming down the road only to disappear into a tree! As per an old legend, a girl named Salma, set herself aflame and died in the year 1989 and her spirit has not left the area since. Widespread fear have prompted the residents to build a Hanuman temple near the tree. If witness accounts are to be believed, this is one of the scariest places in Mumbai.

Grand Paradi Towers

A slew of deaths at the Grand Paradai Towers have given a notorious reputation to this complex that includes three blocks. The reputation of a very posh Grand Paradai Towers complex was marred by a series of suicides, including five from the same family. These residents chose to embrace death by jumping of the building. While their flat is now sealed, locals believe the complex to be haunted claiming that people here are lured towards the parapet by an “unseen force” which makes them leap to their death. Paradai Towers It is now a hub for everyone who is interested in solving this mystery or catching the “unseen force” on camera.

Tower of Silence
The name is not without purpose in this case. The place is infamous because of its reported connect with the paranormal. It is used by the Parsi community as a graveyard, where the bodies of the demised are left on the terrace for vultures and other scavengers to feast. With a reputation like that and people reporting of “an eerie presence” while crossing the area, this place ranks quite high in the list of Mumbai’s most haunted places.

Another addition to the list of most scary places in Mumbai can be the Madh Island Road (this one, reportedly, has a bride’s ghost chasing people) and Mukesh Mills (a popular movie location which gets deserted as soon as the sun sets). While most of these places have people keeping a vigil to keep away anyone who wishes to enter after sunset, visiting one of these supposedly haunted places in Mumbai even before it gets dark is enough to scare the daylights out of anyone.

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