How would it be if we are ageless! We are limiting ourselves by being ruled by this number called age.

We categorize ourselves as young, middle aged and old. There comes a point in life where we worry about midlife crisis. What is midlife crisis? Who decides your midlife? Some people die at the age of ten and some at the age of hundred, what is the midlife for them? Why do we categorize people on the basis of age? Is age that important?

Yes, it is important in terms of growing. Organs in our body grow, deteriorate and become strong as we grow and also fail as we grow old.

How do you define age?
I have seen that age is a big limiting factor in a lot of young minds.

During my workshop with children about writing books, I was asked many questions. ‘I am not old enough, what is the right age to be an author? How do I publish my book? What do I do?’ The thought of being too young, incapable and inexperienced are created by age.

Why don’t we teach our children to be self-independent? Why do we protect children to a level where they feel insignificant and make them feel they are not capable of doing things at their age?

I feel age should not be a factor in one’s dictionary called life. Age is power. When you look at life from a child’s perspective, your life becomes creative. You can create innovative technology, because when you think like a child everything is possible and simple. A child is born with ‘I can’ attitude. When a child tries to touch fire we teach him not to touch it. We protect our child from pain or anything that we think is harmful.

A child once asked me ‘what is the right age to be an author?’ I was taken aback by this question. The child thought he was not old enough to write a book or to express himself but expression starts from the time you are born. An infant expresses itself by crying and as it grows, by talking, writing, poetry, or any form of art.

Age is a powerful tool in your life that you can use in your favor for your growth. In the next five years if you want to achieve something you must plan your next five minutes. By doing this you can definitely achieve your goals.

It is important for an individual to be aware of what age he is but it’s in your hands to live the age you want.

Emotions are powerful, thoughts are powerful. Add the creativity that you have in your mind into your life and do not bother what others say. Whether you are eight or eighty you are good enough to achieve any goal.

I have a mother who is ready to ride a bicycle at the age of seventy six; due to her health condition we do not let her do it. What if she fell or if something bad happened to her? We are so worried that we do not let her enjoy her life to the fullest. She now forgets most of the things but is able to recall adventurous moments in her life. Those are the moments that made her happy and it still brings a smile on her face.

Hence now I feel that she should live her life to the fullest.

You must do things that make you happy irrespective of your age. Do not let age hold you back. Let it help to explore ‘you’ in contributing to the world or society.

Let your age empower you.

Article By:

Gemini Dhar
Takecharge Expert and Author
email: 9waystoempower@gmail.com

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