Alibaba positive about India Points to stronger tech relations between India China

Alibaba positive about India Points to stronger tech relations between India China

Alibaba positive about India- Points to stronger tech relations between India China

20 Indian start-ups and 150 Chinese investor giants gathered together at the Government of India’s first of its kind initiative, a startup event in China’s capital, Beijing. The steps have been taken to establish new avenues for them to facilitate their closeness.

The event was held at China’s Indian Embassy this week. It was organised by Startup India Association, who collaborated with Venture Gurukool as well as with Sino Global capital.

Different Chinese tech companies are already investing into the realm of technology in India, led by Alibaba group. Alibaba group is a major investor in Paytm. Recently, various companies have followed similar steps. Companies like Tencent, Didi Chuxing-a Chinese, Uber-Xiaomi, and Baidu. The only hope behind all this is to provide new investment opportunities a platform to co-exist and link themselves.

People have always been look towards the West for investment opportunities and innovative ideas. However important that be, in the event, it was emphasised that the importance of East should not be ignored as well.

On November 11 significant events took place, which indicated exorbitant power the Chinese Tech Industry possesses.

Investors and leaders of Global Strategic Alliance division of Alibaba said that India was the next “big-thing” for Chinese markets. They drew comparison between Indian Startup space from current times and the Chinese startup space form 2005. This period was significant because this was the time when internet services took off to a massive height. This also led to the creation of major tech giants- Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent.

Many said that the Silicon Valley was comprised of both Indians and Chinese, and thus, they should join hands for longer. According to Xiaomi representatives at the event, the smartphone market in India has been a “bullish” one. Smartphone manufacturers have achieved massive amounts of success in the Indian markets and are going to invest more and more in the country.

China’s and India’s ecosystem have similarities which cannot be denied. Political issues must be set aside and the difference must be set aside too. Only then could one find technical success and avenues of growth.

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