“Alone yet not lonely; Single yet strong.”


There are two ways to live life. Accept what you have got in your plate or stress over it. When you accept what you have got in your plate, you can enhance it. For example, when you are looking for a pizza, but you are served with bread which does not have cheese or any taste which you were actually visualizing. Yet, you accept the bread which is in your plate and decide to make something better out of it. So, either you add or give a different twist to what you already have, or you hope, pray and wait for someone else to do the things that you want in your life. Therefore, there are many women in today’s society, who have chosen to be alone and to live their life alone. Alone does not mean lonely, where you are left with no choice but to live with yourself that is in loneliness. Sometimes you do not want to accept what the world is giving you.

Loneliness is disempowering and it can create a void in your life and stop you from enjoying your life. But being alone can be strength. When you learn to believe in yourself, to stand strong and alone for what you want, that becomes your strength to achieve your dreams, because valuing your existence in this world gets you closer to your destiny. It does not mean that having a partner or a company of a human is bad. What I mean by standing alone is to have your own “personal acceptance”. Accepting yourself, loving yourself to the point that you give priority to what you want in life. So that your glass is full, and when your glass is full you can serve others.

There are women out there who get into depression easily. And this makes them take bad decisions in their life. They will be completely under the pressure, hatred, self-doubting and zero confidence.  Because physical pain and mental health are the two well known health issues of a person. No one talks about their emotional stress, they bottle them up; instead one needs to talk themselves if not seek expert advice by counseling to come out of their trauma. One must understand this fact that, “We are all born here just to polish our imperfections and not to be perfect. With growing mindset one should start to live. ”

I want to send out the message to so many women out there who are single mothers raising their children on their own and who are living their life on their own terms. So I believe the word ‘one’ is very powerful, while having a partner creates a support system.

However, when life has given you lemons either you roll it or you make lemonade. It depends on you whether you want to go with the flow or to make best of your life. It depends on you whether you want to live an independent life with dreams that you want to achieve irrespective of the circumstances. When you stand up for yourself, when you learn to be alone and when you nurture belief system, there is no force on this earth that can stop you from moving forward in your life. If you are individually strong from inside, if you have a mindset of a warrior or a ‘go get’ there is nothing in life that will hold you down.

Loneliness is something that creates a lot of trauma to a lot of old aged people, as well as young people, also to women who have lost their spouse in an accident or in any other situations, or there are women and mothers who are separated. They have to go through a hell in life, but this hell exists only for a couple of months unless they have a strong mindset and are focused to achieve something big in life.

I wish every women strength, power, compassion, understanding and a clear road map for the life to know where they are going. Irrespective of any obstacles and roadblocks I want to sprint, break through the barriers and come out of it as a winner. So I believe that the women who are alone are strong enough to achieve their dreams on their own and contribute to the society. When you give something with an open heart you receive it in ten folds.

Article By:

Gemini Dhar
Takecharge Expert and Author
email: 9waystoempower@gmail.com

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