Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon Seeds


Summer more than a juicy, bright red slice of watermelon. Enjoying this chilled fruit as a refreshing snack on a hot day or at an annual family picnic is one of summer’s many pleasures.

But watermelon seeds, once dried, are edible and their nutritional value is very high.

Watermelon seeds nutritional facts: On nutritional value, these seeds are loaded with many important nutrients. The seeds are having protein, essential fatty acid, vitamins, and minerals. On mineral front, they are having iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper and manganese. Many important amino acids like arginne, lysine, tryptophan and glumatic acid are present in it. It is also loaded with essential fatty acid such as oleic acid, linoleum acid, etc. On vitamin side, It has vitamin B complex.

How to Make Roasted Watermelon Seeds:

Most people do not like the taste or texture of raw watermelon seeds, but many enjoy the taste of roasted seeds. Here are the steps to roast watermelon seeds.

Thoroughly rinse and dry the seeds.
Soak the seeds in water overnight.
Wait for a few days until they sprout.
Remove the tougher outer black shell from the seeds, then dry the seeds in an oven or simply under the sun.
Spread the seeds out on a roasting pan.
Drizzle a small amount of vegetable or olive oil over them and sprinkle a little sea salt.
Roast them at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 to 20 minutes.
Allow the roasted watermelon seeds to cool before enjoying them as a healthy snack.
You can sprinkle a little cinnamon powder or a mix of lemon juice and chili powder over the roasted seeds to make them more flavorful.

You can add some crunch to your salad with a handful of seeds, or use roasted watermelon seeds in your homemade smoothies.

Here are health benefits of watermelon seeds:

Watermelon seeds for hair: The seeds contain adequate amount of protein, which is helpful for your hair health. The seeds contain iron, which helps to strengthen your hair and promoting hair growth. It prevents your hair in making thin, dry and dull. The seeds contain magnesium, which is good to make your hair strong and healthy. The roasted seeds contain copper that produce melanin, a pigment, which is responsible in coloring of your hair. The essential amino acids prevent breakage of your hair. Its oil helps to treat your itchy scalp as it easily absorb in your scalp region.

Watermelon seeds for glowing skin: These seeds are abundant with fatty acid like oleic acid and linoleum acid, which is beneficial in making your skin healthy. The unsaturated fatty acids make your skin moisturized. The seeds oil prevents dry, dullness and acne to skin. The presence of fatty acid makes your skin fairer and smooth.

Watermelon seeds are good for calorie: The seeds are loaded with calorie and fatty acid. One cup of such seeds contain about 600 calorie, which is almost three times of same quantity of brown rice. It is a good source of giving you energy with low cost. 

Watermelon is termed as natural Viagra because of its effective sexual urging properties. The seeds are loaded with many important amino acids like arginine, lysine and glutamic acid. The presence of arginine amino acid boosts your sexual power and helps to urges your sexual desire. The lycopene in the seeds helps in the formation of sperm.

Watermelon seeds for diabetes cure: Such seeds are effective to certain extent in lowering down sugar level in blood thus helpful to treat Diabetes type 2. To control sugar, one has to take tea of watermelon seeds. Magnesium regulates metabolism of carbohydrate, which directly impact blood sugar level.

Watermelon seeds for your heart: The presence of magnesium in watermelon ensure good functioning of heart, regulate metabolic process and maintain high blood pressure. Eating of these seeds are also beneficial for cardiac function and hypertension.

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