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Annabelle: Creation trailer — Prequel to The Conjuring franchise reveals origins of the haunted doll

For those of you who don’t have the appetite for horror films, consider this a warning. Do not scroll below.

A prequel to The Conjuring franchise, Annabelle: Creation explores the (creepy) origins of the haunted doll that had become all too famous, especially from the 2014 horror film Annabelle. In this film, a married couple loses their young daughter to a car accident, and cannot deal with the loss. They keep getting notes from her, and the mother often sees her daughter running around house, but she knows it is all supernatural.

They leave the house and offer it to a girl’s orphanage. When some of the girls find the doll, all hell breaks lose.

What follows is a montage of scary snippets of what the doll does to the girls.

There’s no denying the use of cliched horror tropes in the film: darkness, children, possessed inanimate objects, and preying on the weak.

It is also a common opinion that barring The Conjuring, none of films from the franchise have been able to match up to the bone-chilling scariness of the film. Annabellewas widely considered only scary in parts, while largely repetitive. Annabelle: Creation is definitely scarier that it’s predecessor, but it still resorts to similar horror tactics.

There is however, a lot to look forward to. What made The Conjuring series so popular was its use of religion to counter the horror and evil. This helped with lending a sense of doom and urgency to the films, which worked in its favour. Annabelle: Creation too uses the bible, various forms of the cross and the concept of a forbidden room, to its advantage.

Annabelle: Creation is set to release in India on August 11.

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