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Assam Polls: Beginning Of End For Congress?


As phase two of polling is underway in Assam, one question that is perhaps on every one’s mind is how will this round of polling in the eastern part of the country pan out for BJP, especially after its debacle in Bihar. Will the Bharatiya JanataParty and Modi magic make a difference in the Himalayan state or would the Brahmaputra valley continue to see a predominance of the Congress raj.

Well though the early celebrations in the Congress headquarter sin Guwahati might mislead you but as per most experts  and the voter expectations, the tide is in fact blowing against the Congress. As the trend that started in 2014, the Congress base is weakening in one of its oldest strongholds, upper Assam. While Congress is confident of bagging 40 of the 60 seats in the region, the BJP laughed away the claims and expects a relative clean sweep in the region.

This is essentially based on the rising levels of dissatisfaction in the region and a strong urge amongst the locals to see change. Given the fact that Congress charisma is declining and the regional big-wig AGP has been reduced to a near non-entity, the BJP perhaps is in a better position to out power Congress given the strong wave of change that is sweeping the state.

However Congress’ declining popularity is a cause of worry not just for the state team, infact nationally too it’s perhaps the time for the oldest political party in India to sit up and take stock of the situation. After Assam and Bengal, Kerala is the next state that goes to polls and the prospects of the Congress Party making any dent are very slim. Therefore it would not be wrong to say that while the BJP is busy trying to redeem its position on the state level, the concerns for the Congress are equally grave and a literal do or die situations. Otherwise the fear is perhaps we are quite close to the point from where we start seeing a beginning of the gradual end of one of India’s most iconic political institutions.

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