Australia says yes to Gay Unions

Australia says yes to Gay Unions

Australia says yes to Gay Unions

Australia, on Wednesday, overwhelmingly came together to support same-sex marriages. This support has paves way for a legislation to be framed by the end of this year. This can caused a sparking rainbow celebration all over the country. To celebrate, people wore wedding dresses, sequined suits and declared that their love was real.

By doing this, Australia will become the 26th nation to formalise the same sex unions. As far as the Australian Parliament is concerned, there might be some oppositions from the right wing, however, the legislation seems likely to be passed.

People broke into celebrations and cheer in the Sydney Park soon after the results were declared. 61.6% people said they favoured same-sex marriages. Ian Thorpe, Australian Olympics Swimmer said it was a huge relief. He stated that that “love for another person, no matter who they are, should be equal. And this result proves that”.

The poll might be non-binding. However, the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says that the pledge for passing the laws would be fulfilled by Christmas next month.

Turnbull told media that it is unequivocal. It is an overwhelming response and the people have spoken in millions. They are said yes to same-sex marriage and equal marriages. They have voted yet to fairness and yes to commitment and to love.

The results are a milestone in the history of Australia’s Gay Rights movements, where it was illegal in many states, until 1997 to indulge in homosexual activities.

Approximately 80% of the eligible voters of the country participated in this survey. The voter turnout for this was higher than the voter turnout for Britain’s Brexit and even the same-sex marriage referendum of Ireland.

38.4% said no to the same-sex marriage survey, which is a minority here. However, religious communities and critics of this move have been left disappointed because this legislation will “deconstruct” the concept of marriage and family in Australia.

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