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Is India descending into mob rule?

On Thursday a 15-year-old Muslim boy, returning home from Eid shopping with his three brothers, was killed in a brutal assault by a mob of about 20 men on a train in the north Indian state of Haryana. Police say that the reason for Junaid Khan’s murder – in which his three siblings were also injured by the knife-wielding mob – was mainly because of a row over seat space […]

Chinese troops enter Sikkim sector, jostle troops, destroy two bunkers

In another transgression, Chinese troops entered India in the Sikkim sector and jostled with Indian army personnel guarding the Sino-India frontier, besides destroying two bunker. The face-off has been going on in Doka La general area in Sikkim for the past ten days and the Chinese troops have also stopped the batch of pilgrims that was proceeding for Kailash Mansovar yatra, official sources said today. The Indian troops had to […]


Video: Hilarious ways of walking!

The word walk is descended from the Old English wealcan “to roll”. But that is immaterial. We all know how important our daily dose of walking is! We walk to our loo, our office, to the corner store (often grudgingly) to buy something or the other. Walking can also be something so romantic you engage with your beloved. And now Kevin Parry has posted a video on his Instagram handle […]


Watch: Kalki Koechlin's video that beautifully capture the noise of city life

You may have seen plenty of posts, poses and photos on International Yoga Day. But June 21 also happens to be World Music Day. And while our perception of music is the instrument-melody-vocals version, music is everywhere (as cliched as it sounds). This is just what a video published by Blush on YouTube, starring actor Kalki Koechlin, goes on to show. Named ‘Noise’, the video covers a day in urban […]


Horrifying! Mass slaughter of whales turns sea red, sparks outrage

Hundreds of pilot whales and dolphins have been slaughtered as part of an annual ritual on the shores of the Faroe Islands, an archipelago between Iceland and Norway. Locally known as Grindadrap, whale harvesting is a centuries-old practice dating back to 1584. Due to the remote location of the island, the locals have historically relied on the meat and blubber of pilot whales as their major source of food. Graphic […]


Jungle trailer: Daniel Radcliffe unravels the true story of travellers, watch video

What is it like to leave everything that you’re doing, quit living a mundane life and set out on an adventure? Yes, it all sounds exciting and romantic when you read such quotes on social media with hashtags like #wanderlust. The trailer of Daniel Radcliffe’s upcoming film, Jungle just disillusioned us and reflected the harsh truth about the life of a traveller. It all begins romantically with Daniel Radcliffe packing […]

Father’s Day: Sonora Smart Dodd, the lady who started it all

This Father’s Day, Betsy Roddy will write two cards: one to her dad, and the other to her late great-grandmother, Sonora Smart Dodd. The second card is a century-old family tradition honouring the mother of Father’s Day. Sunday is the 107th Father’s Day celebrated in the US since Dodd created the holiday in 1910. As a result, she is the one responsible for those annual gifts that run the gamut […]

First Indian woman to be elected as judge at UN judicial body

In a significant victory for India at the UN, international law expert Neeru Chadha has won a crucial election to a top UN judicial body that deals with disputes related to the law of the sea, becoming the first Indian woman to be appointed as a judge at the tribunal. Chadha, an eminent lawyer and the first Indian woman to become the chief legal adviser in the ministry of external […]


India road safety music video asks parents to hit reckless children

A road safety awareness music video by police in the southern Indian city of Chennai (Madras) asks parents to beat children if they flout traffic rules. Set to a racy beat and sung by popular Tamil singer Ghana Bala, the video combines footage of reckless youngsters on motorbikes with those of road accidents and funerals. Police said they wanted a video that would “appeal” to the youth. India has one […]

Donald Trump's 'madness' decoded, new book tells how to deal with 'unpredictable' US President

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi heads to the US later this month, a new book promises to unravel the “method” behind the apparent “madness” of President Donald Trump. “Indian Foreign Trade: Trumped up or Down” by veteran bureaucrat Amiya Chandra hopes to demystify the man and his business minded approach to the job of governing arguably the most powerful country in the world. “To predict Donald Trump actions you need […]