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USA and North Korea News Updates

USA and North Korea News Updates Nuclear War May Break Out Any Moment’: North Korea Attacks ‘Hostile’ US North Korea on Monday told the United Nations that it will never negotiate the dismantling of its nuclear weapons unless the United States reverses its “hostile” policy.   Deputy UN Ambassador Kim In Ryong told the General Assembly’s committee on disarmament that the situation on the Korean peninsula “has reached the touch-and-go […]

Hillary Clinton attacks Donald Trump's 'dangerous' handling of Iran and North Korea

Hillary Clinton says President Donald Trump’s threat to pull out of the Iran nuclear accord is “dangerous,” and she suggests her former campaign opponent is undermining the validity of the United States’ promises to other nations. Trump had accused Iran of violating the landmark 2015 accord, blaming the Iranians for a litany of sinister behaviour and hitting their main military wing with anti-terror penalties. Trump, breaking his campaign pledge to […]

'Don't write off Congress... the 132-year-old party will bounce back': Pranab Mukherjee talks on the DEMISE and RISE of Congress

Shri Pranab Mukherjee spoke in the first interview since leaving office Mukherjee spoke openly on everything from GST, Hindi, and Manmohan Singh So many questions remain unanswered. Did the UPA lose out because of miscalculation on seats, or poor handling of the coalition, including Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo Mamata Banerjee who snapped ties with the Congress at a crucial juncture in 2012? Was the BJP in 2014 getting better poll […]

Victoria and Abdul movie review: Intriguing and odd

Stephen Frears’ Victoria and Abdul, is a witty telling of the unlikely bond between the aged Queen Victoria of England, the Empress of India, and a commoner, Abdul Karim, whom she appoints as her Urdu teacher and whom she fondly addresses as Munshia. Based on “mostly” true facts, the film is drawn from the book penned by Sharbani Basu, which was inspired by volumes of the queen’s handwritten notes in Urdu […]

8 Simple Methods to Boost Your Willpower and Self Control

Surely if you’ve ever tried helping someone quit smoking, odds are that you will hear the word “will” spoken in the first 5 minutes. Aside from the popular procrastinating sentence: “I will quit smoking next year”, you might hear a smoker say: “It takes a lot of willpower to give up on cigarettes”. What do you think is the reason that most people quit smoking? Is it because they don’t […]

Beyond Machu Picchu: Top 13 things to explore in Peru

Whether it’s an experienced traveller or an enthusiastic backpacker, thousands of tourists visit Peru for a peek of its undeniably awe-inspiring archaeological star attraction – Machu Picchu, but the fact is that Peru is a country replete with hidden treasures waiting to be explored and experienced. Look past the mesmerising sight of stunning vistas atop the majestic mountain peaks of one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, and you will find […]


‘Blade Runner 2049’, the movie that has sent critics into raptures

Advance screenings of Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049 have sent critics in the United States of America and the United Kingdom into raptures. A new set of superlatives needs to be invented for the futuristic thriller, which opens on October 6, including in India. From “masterpiece” to “You have never seen anything like this” and everything in between, Villeneuve’s sequel to Ridley Scott’s classic Blade Runner (1982) is already home. […]


Ribbon trailer: Kalki Koechlin, Sumeet Vyas play the young, urban couple to perfection

Kalki Koechlin and Sumeet Vyas’ upcoming film Ribbon shows a young couple navigating through an unexpected pregnancy and their life thereon. The trailer of the film has released and it seems like a reminder that no one, apart from Koechlin and Vyas, could have done justice to their flawed yet real roles The film begins with the two characters freaking out about the pregnancy. Despite their doubts, they decide to […]


CRD movie review: A heavy but appealing dose of theatre in cinema

Ever wondered what happened to Mr Aggarwal in Deewar? Or where does the ‘item girl’ go after her special song ends? CRD is the kind of film that makes you wonder about the people on the periphery, flirting with limelight but never really in it. Directed by National Award-winning filmmaker Kranti Kanade, CRD revolves around Chetan Ranjit Deshmukh (Saurabh), a young and enthusiastic actor-writer who joins Ferguson College in Pune […]

Violence against women in Delhi still on the rise with a rape reported every FOUR hours and a 300% increase in reports since the 2012 Nirbhaya horror

The 2012 Delhi rape shocked the world brought into focus crimes against women In 2012 police had registered 706 FIR (complaints) of rapes but it has increased In 2013 that number rose to 1,636 rapes, and again three folds higher in 2014, 2015 and 2016 with police registering 2,166, 2,199 and 2,155 FIRs respectively Despite the best efforts, Delhi Police has been unable to stop or even slow the rise […]