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Apex Consulting presents the 7th One Love Awards Gala

7th Annual One Love Awards Gala will be held on Saturday, February 2nd at Elite Banquet Hall, 1850 Albion Road in Toronto with Keynote by the American University female Chaplain Tahera Ahmed discussing the indispensable nature of diversity chaplains’ prisons! In recognition of inmates’ reintegration, the One Love gala was inspired by Bob Marley’s song one love! Seven years ago, when diversity chaplaincy was under threat, thanks to a Minister […]

Top Tips for Building New Credit at Any Time

Top Tips for Building New Credit at Any Time Whether you are a student, entrepreneur or any other individual with an interest in building new credit, then you need some helpful insights. Considering the numerous things that can lead to a tpoor credit score, many people out there have already suffered a major blow. Bad credit mainly puts people at a disadvantage when they want to access loans either for […]

A journey of a lifetime!

It was one fine day in May 2018 when the thought was placed in my head. Gautam, you are so passionate about the city and are recognized for your voluntary contributions, why don’t you run for mayor of Toronto city. Interesting idea, after all, the mayor is the CEO of the city and I am in transition so why not explore the option? Spoke to a dozen people and each […]

Eighth edition of MG Vadodara International Marathon to be conducted on 6th January 2019

CelebrEIGHT! ParticipatEIGHT! RecrEIGHT! Vadodara is ready to recreate history on January 6, 2019 with the 8th Edition of the MG Vadodara International Marathon. The MG Vadodara International Marathon has a glittering history of having every edition flagged of by the Chief Minister of Gujarat and this year too, the eighth edition will be flagged off by the Hon. CM Shri Vijaybhai Rupani. Recognised as one of the nation’s largest marathons, […]

ClamorWorld Exclusive: In conversation with Nath Gautam -2018 Mayor Candidate for City of Toronto

Sunil Mantri(SM): Tell us a bit of your background and what brought you to Canada ? Nath Gautam(NG): My dad was an Indian Diplomat and so he met mum in Prague and we 3 kids are born in different countries and have lived and traveled around the world. Finally he retired and we moved to New Delhi where I completed my higher education from Hindu and MBA at FMS. I […]


MUKTA Advertising is excited to be promoting partner for the 2nd Annual Cancer Warrior Foundation Diwali Dinner and Dance Gala on November 2, 2018 at Apollo Convention Centre from 6:30 pm onwards. Cancer Warrior Foundation Canada (CWFC) headed by Navneet Sharma, the organization is trying to raise awareness for breast cancer in the South Asian community. CWFC plans to Celebrate Life with Lights and promises not only unique entertainment but […]


Burger King, the most popular fast food brand, recently confessed that they have been used horse meat so that the whoppers and the burgers are made. However, this was not admitted in the past, since they denied these claims. This fast food chain finally gave up pretending and apologized to the honest costumers about the test being wrong all the time. The name of the firm which produced meat from […]

Printing Paper On Both Sides In Supreme Court Cases = Saving 2,000 Trees, 24,000 Tankers Of Water: Study 

A small change in the Supreme Court’s paper usage could save enough water to provide for 12 million people. As many as 61,520 cases were filed in the Supreme Court between October 2016 and September 2017, and using paper printed on both sides in filings would have saved nearly 2,953 trees and 246 million litre water (24,600 tankers–considering one standard tanker-truck holds 10,000 litre), according to an analysis by the […]

6 Hormones You Need To Reset To Lose Fat Faster

Reset Your Belly Fat Hormones Naturally Lower Insulin Resistance To Use Up Glucose Lower Cortisol Levels To Stop Stress Eating Balance Estrogen Levels To Not Store Fat Control Leptin To Stop Overeating Get Enough Testosterone To Burn Fats Better Make The Thyroid Active To Improve Metabolism If you’re gaining fat despite all measures, check whether your body has low levels of thyroid hormones. This can slow down your overall metabolism. […]

It’s a foggy autumn as farmers start burning stubble

With government interventions proving either too expensive or inadequate, Punjab’s farmers have begun burning crop residue, raising fears of pollution. As autumn sets in, farmers in Punjab have begun harvesting the kharif paddy crop and preparing the fields for the winter crop. And as has been the practice, despite official injunctions, paddy stubble is being set on fire, raising fears of a spike in air pollution across the northern States, […]