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Change in with Badla

Agatha Christie said “Evil is not something superhuman, it is something less than human.” Evil demands a cold passion that is borne not out of genius but is characteristic of the unfeeling. It requires an approach to the job which is a consequence of sheer expediency and totally eliminates the moral compass. This was what exemplified much of the bestselling writers’ work and was typical of the dark and somber […]

VYOM brings AARAMBH, a first of its kind fashion show in Ahmedabad

The objective of Voluntary Youth Organization for Motivation (VYOM registered NGO in 2010) is to improve quality of life of a needy individual through people participation. The focus of VYOM is to establish a strong volunteer network for various causes of Youth, Children, physically/specially challenged, Women & Senior citizens. VYOM also provide platform to various NGO to maximize their potential. VYOM activities revolve around primary education, holistic development, empowering the […]


Since last three days we are witnessing a lot of events happening. This is no less than an actual war. Everyone in India is on high ‘Josh.’ We see suggestions, war cries, patriotism overflowing on social media and social groups. Some sitting in their lavish air conditioned living rooms and forwarding Whats app messages to every possible person they know. For many its a a thrill while travelling or in […]

An Insect From The Ice Age Was Found Alive In This Canadian City

This ancient bug was found in Port Alberni and it’s species has been around for 26,500 years! A newly discovered insect that is believed to have been around since the last ice age has recently appeared in BC. How fitting that we find this ice age bug now seeing as we are experiencing this frigid cold front! This cave dwelling, cold-loving bug was found living on Vancouver Island and according […]

28th Annual Lions Blind Girls Welfare Centre Trust Fundraising Gala drew national and international dignitaries with about 300 guests in attendance.

On February 9, 2019, Lions Blind Girls Welfare Centre Trust (LBGWCT) successfully celebrated it’s 28th Annual Fundraising Gala at 30 Goyagate Society in Vadodara drawing national and international dignitaries with about 300 guests in attendance. Found in 1991 by Shree Naginbhai Patel, the school started in a small tenement in Citizen Society, Ellora Park and today, the school serves 40 students. All students receive FREE education, lodging, and boarding in […]

Most vitamins are useless, but here are the ones you should take

It seems like simple, obvious advice: Eat your vegetables, get some exercise, and – of course – take your vitamins. Or not. Decades of research has failed to find any substantial evidence that vitamins and supplements do any significant good. In fact, recent studies skew in the opposite direction, having found that certain vitamins may be bad for you. Several have been linked with an increase in certain cancers, for […]

Apex Consulting presents the 7th One Love Awards Gala

7th Annual One Love Awards Gala will be held on Saturday, February 2nd at Elite Banquet Hall, 1850 Albion Road in Toronto with Keynote by the American University female Chaplain Tahera Ahmed discussing the indispensable nature of diversity chaplains’ prisons! In recognition of inmates’ reintegration, the One Love gala was inspired by Bob Marley’s song one love! Seven years ago, when diversity chaplaincy was under threat, thanks to a Minister […]

Top Tips for Building New Credit at Any Time

Top Tips for Building New Credit at Any Time Whether you are a student, entrepreneur or any other individual with an interest in building new credit, then you need some helpful insights. Considering the numerous things that can lead to a tpoor credit score, many people out there have already suffered a major blow. Bad credit mainly puts people at a disadvantage when they want to access loans either for […]

A journey of a lifetime!

It was one fine day in May 2018 when the thought was placed in my head. Gautam, you are so passionate about the city and are recognized for your voluntary contributions, why don’t you run for mayor of Toronto city. Interesting idea, after all, the mayor is the CEO of the city and I am in transition so why not explore the option? Spoke to a dozen people and each […]

Eighth edition of MG Vadodara International Marathon to be conducted on 6th January 2019

CelebrEIGHT! ParticipatEIGHT! RecrEIGHT! Vadodara is ready to recreate history on January 6, 2019 with the 8th Edition of the MG Vadodara International Marathon. The MG Vadodara International Marathon has a glittering history of having every edition flagged of by the Chief Minister of Gujarat and this year too, the eighth edition will be flagged off by the Hon. CM Shri Vijaybhai Rupani. Recognised as one of the nation’s largest marathons, […]