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India's social media election battle

Narendra Modi has his own website and is on Twitter, Facebook and Google+   Ahead of the general elections, political parties in India are attempting to woo voters on social media for the first time. Politicians are taking part in Google+ Hangouts, televised interviews organised by Facebook and using the Facebook-owned smart phone messaging app WhatsApp to connect with millions of tech-savvy urban voters. India’s 16th general election – to […]

As it happened: MH370 search resumes

Search efforts for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 resumed on Wednesday following improved weather conditions The Kuala Lumpur-Beijing airliner disappeared on 8 March with 239 people on board  Malaysia’s acting transport minister said 122 “potential objects” had been seen around 2,557km from Perth based on new French satellite images  The plane is presumed to have crashed into the southern Indian Ocean with no survivors Six countries – Australia, New Zealand, […]

North Korea ups stakes with latest missile launch

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Two North Korean mid-range missile launches detected by the South Korean military If confirmed, Rodong launch would be the first since 2009 Launch comes amid joint U.S.-R.O.K military exercises and three-way summit in The Hague Incident only the latest chapter in DPRK’s sparring with neighbors North Korea is back to its old ways, it seems. South Korea’s military has reported that its reclusive northern neighbor test-fired two medium-range ballistic […]

As Charleston animal shelter goes no-kill, incinerator removed

Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association Director Chelsea Staley watched intently Friday as the shelter’s incinerator was dismantled and taken away. She said the only thing she could think of when she looked at the big, hulking cremation machine was the faces of the dogs and cats that the shelter has put down over the years. “This is huge,” Staley said as the incinerator’s metal chimney was hoisted up from the roof by […]

North Korea steps up missile launches

North Korea has test fired dozens of short-range rockets in the past 24 hours, the South’s military says, in an apparent show of anger with Seoul. Analysts say the launches are Pyongyang’s way of protesting against joint military drills between the US and South Korea. Some 16 rockets were fired into the sea early on Sunday, following the launch of 30 on Saturday. Pyongyang claims its rocket tests are routine, […]

Shampoodle: The four-hour wash and set that turns Ricky into a Crufts champion

Ricky the poodle is a champion winner at Crufts 2014 He goes through a four hour process of primping to get ready Three hours of this are spent drying and combing Ricky’s fur Owner Jason Lynn performs most of the cleaning and prep   Perhaps it’s the six pigtails streaming in the wind. Or the two mad pompoms bobbing about on his muscular hind quarters as he prances through the […]

Return of ‘airpocalypse’: Beijing’s expats flee smog

After five years in Beijing, Hannah Sanders and her husband Ben, both employed at Harrow School International in the Chinese capital, will be packing their bags in July and heading back to the UK. “We had originally planned on staying six years. But pollution tipped the balance” said the 34 year-old mother of two children including a newborn baby. “I don’t feel it’s safe for our two-year-old to play outside. […]

Tencent and Alibaba battle for internet dominance in China

It’s been called “the most expensive competition in online history” – but it’s one you might not have heard about. More than 15 years ago, two firms launched in China within months of each other, looking to take advantage of the growing numbers of internet users in the country. Alibaba, founded at the start of 1999 by former school teacher Jack Ma, was a platform created to help businesses sell […]

Missing Malaysia plane: Chinese territory searched

The plane has been missing for more than a week, amid an unprecedented international search. China has started searching its territory for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, state media report, as the international search continues. Efforts to find the aircraft are focussing on two vast air corridors north and south of the plane’s last known location. China said no evidence of terror links had been found in Chinese passengers. The […]