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Toronto's Pearson Airport Will Soon Have 15 Therapy Dogs To Keep You Company While You Wait For Your Flight

Toronto’s Pearson Airport just hired 15 dogs to alleviate all the stress of travelling. Flying can be stressful. Whether it’s long flight delays, getting pulled aside for random screening at security, or just the simple fact that you’re about to be thousands of feet up in the air, there is always something to stress you out. One Canadian airport is trying to fix that though. Toronto’s Pearson Airport just hired […]

Fruits and veggies can boost your mental health

While it is well known that eating lots of fruit and vegetable is good for physical health, a new research says that the benefits include mental health as well. The new study, conducted by Neel Ocean and Peter Howley from the University of Leeds, shows that an increase in the consumption of fruit and vegetable can be linked to an increase in self-reported mental well-being, and life satisfaction in data […]

Priceless Treasure from Mysterious Ancient People Recently Found

Archaeologists have found a treasure trove of 3,000 gold and precious items in Kazakhstan in a burial mound in the remote Tarbagatai mountains. It’s believed the “priceless” stash that belonged to the Saka people and could date to eight centuries before the birth of Christ. This treasure may yield important insights into the Saka. They were nomadic people who spoke an Iranian language and were a sub-group of the Scythians, […]

This is where the end of cancer begins

February 4 is World Cancer Day- global observance that helps raise people’s awareness of cancer and how to prevent, detect, and treat it. The theme: 2019 – 2021- “I am and I will’ is an empowering call to action, asking individuals to make a personal commitment to help reduce the impact of cancer to impact the future. People with cancer often ask “Why me”? “What did I do wrong?”- Some […]

Staring into the darkness

Night-time use of phones, tablets, and laptops is consistently associated with poor sleep quality, insufficient sleep, and poor perceived quality of life, a recent study has suggested. According to the research, pre-teens who use a mobile phone or watch TV in the dark an hour before bed are at risk of not getting enough sleep compared to those who use these devices in a lit room or do not use […]

Immunity, digestion and more: The many benefits of haldi

Ayurveda deems turmeric as one of the most important medicinal spices. Modern studies have reiterated the knowledge that all body systems benefit from the use of turmeric. Here’s a quick breakdown: Taste and effect: Pungent and bitter, it has anti-inflammatory, cleansing, detoxifying and effects. Positive effects: It benefits circulatory system, supports digestive fire, and reduces digestive toxins. Ayurveda prescribes it for liver, blood, digestive system, joints, and immune system issues. […]

The healing power of honey

The bees are buzzing in the tree, to make some honey just for me!” That’s Baloo from The Jungle Book, singing about the substance that humans love as much as bears. Honey is a sweet tasting gel-like substance that is fat-free, cholesterol-free and sodium-free, but rich in calcium, iron, and magnesium. According to Ayurveda, honey is sweet (madhura rasa) with an astringent-like end taste (aashaya anu rasa). It is dry […]

Eat more dietary fibre to lower risk of non-communicable diseases

Here’s another reason why you should increase your consumption of dietary fibre! According to a recent study, high intake of dietary fibre and whole grains is linked to reduced risk of non-communicable diseases as compared to people who eat lesser amounts. Fibre rich fruits include bananas, oranges, apples, mangoes, strawberries, raspberries, while beans, legumes or darker coloured vegetables too have high-fibre content. Furthermore, whole grain breads or nuts like almonds, […]

Spinach-protein may offer treatment for alcohol abuse, mood disorders

A large protein found in spinach may aid in the development of new medications for millions around the world dealing with alcohol use disorders, chronic pain and mood disorders, researchers said. The study, led by researchers from the Purdue University, discovered two peptides which are naturally metabolic products of Rubisco — a large protein found in many plants like spinach — that may aid in the development of new medications. […]

Social media linked to higher risk of depression in teen girls

Teenage girls are twice as likely as boys to show depressive symptoms linked to social media use – mainly due to online harassment and disturbed sleep, as well as poor body image and lower self-esteem, researchers said on Friday. In a study analysing data from nearly 11,000 young people in Britain, researchers found that 14-year-old girls were heavier users of social media, with two-fifths of them using it for more […]