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I was wrong. Too much technology is ruining lives

Just four years ago I was a cheerleader. Social media was supposed to be the great hope for democracy. I know because I told the world so. I said in 2014 that no one could predict where this revolution would take us. My conclusion was dusted with optimism: a better connected human race would find a way to better itself. I was only half right: nobody could indeed have predicted […]

This mother-daughter is making millions by saving the planet

We all love to get and give surprises. A good surprise can instantly lift your mood, bring a smile on your face and rejuvenate your mind. Pinky Maheshwari, 35, decided to make this a way of her life, with Surprise Someone. But there are numerous ventures in the gifting space, offering products made of recyclable material. So what is unique about Surprise Someone? It is the surprise element. Pinky believes […]

Evil buds: Your earphones may be making you deaf, says WHO

The music you love to listen to could be making you deaf, thanks to your earphones. And, you are especially vulnerable if you are in the 12-35 age group. These are the conclusions of a report from the World Health Organisation (WHO), that are set to go viral again in a few days’ time, thanks to International Ear Care Day, which is coming up on March 3. The WHO report […]

Chironji Seeds Health Benefits

Chironji seeds are produced from a tree known as Buchanania lanzan which is cultivated across India, popularly in the northwest. The Buchanania lanzan plant is a deciduous tree that can grow up to a height of 15 meters and belongs to the same family as cashew nuts. A Chironji plant bears fruits and each Chironji fruit contains a single Chironji seed.The seeds can be eaten raw but are mostly roasted […]

World TB Day : Fight against TB goes beyond treatment of the disease

India retains the dubious distinction of being the TB capital of the world since 2008. According to the latest data by the Global Tuberculosis Report 2017, 27 Lakh new cases of TB were reported 2016. At the same time, an estimated 4.3 Lakh people died of TB; this accounts for 26 percent of the Global Death Toll of TB. The battle against TB is one of the most expensive one. […]

Health Benefits of Sugarcane Juice

A glass of chilled sugarcane juice not only quenches our thirst but also invigorates us. Given its popularity to beat the heat, it is no surprise that India is one of the leading producers of sugarcane. It is called by many different names depending on the local language, but the humble sugarcane brings peace to every parched soul. Loaded with abundant carbohydrates, proteins, minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and […]

International Day Of Happiness: Things you can do to stay happy

Happiness is one of the most important things in life. But nowadays, people worry and overthink a lot which can lead to depression. Being depressed not only harms mental health but also physical well-being. Since 2013, March 20 marks the International Day of Happiness, started by the United Nations to recognise the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world. MEDITATION One must practice meditation regularly because […]

Did you know that you can die of sleep apnea?

It is common knowledge that human beings need about 7 to 8 hours of sleep — and not just to feel good or to do away with those under-eye circles but also for overall health. Sound sleep benefits the heart, weight, mind, and body. It helps in repairing damaged cells and the immune system, handling daily wear and tear, and recharging our system. Unhealthy food habits, lack of exercise, and […]

Sleep Awareness Week: Eat these foods to improve sleep quality

A good sound sleep is very important for our body to function properly and to lead a healthy life. Studies have shown that lack and disturbed sleep has immediate negative effects on hormones. Nowadays, many people face problems in getting a proper sleep and often seek medical help. But, it’s best to avoid medication and opt for a natural cure as it will reduce the risk of unnecessary side effects. […]

World Kidney Day 2018: Women victimized by kidney dysfunction more than men

With women’s health becoming a pressing matter around the world at large, a survey conducted by SRL diagnostics has revealed that chronic kidney disease in India is more common in women than in men. As per the survey, abnormalities in kidney function was an average of 11.36 percent higher in women than in men (9.48 percent). It also showed that kidney function disorders were very common among the elderly, especially […]