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World Food Day: Some facts about world hunger & what you can do to prevent food wastage

It’s a sobering fact: The world produces enough food to feed everyone, yet 800 million people go hungry. On World Food Day, consumers who have the good fortune of living in countries where the grocery store shelves are always well-stocked are being reminded to do their part in reducing world hunger. To mark the founding of the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in 1945, October 16 is designated […]

Gujarat election a fight between development and dynasty: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday took a dig at the Congress, calling the Gujarat elections a fight between ‘development and dynasty,’ adding that development politics will triumph over family rule. “This election is between development and dynasty. Development will win, and dynasty will lose,” PM Modi said in an address to BJP workers at his ‘Gujarat Gaurav Mahasammelan’ in the state capital, Gandhinagar. In an all-out attack, the PM […]

World Egg Day: 5 Common Egg Myths Busted

Happy World Egg Day! World Egg Day was established at the IEC Vienna 1996 conference when it was decided to celebrate World Egg Day on the second Friday in October each year. The day is dedicated to help raise awareness of the many health benefits of eggs. Whether you are pressed for time to reach office or your college, and your stomach is growling of hunger, you know what will […]

7 Best Home Remedies To Treat BV (Bacterial Vaginosis)

The vagina is a complex ecosystem, with the good bacteria constantly locking horns with the bad bacteria – and usually winning. But sometimes, this delicate vaginal balance goes for a toss when the bad bacteria outnumber the good bacteria. The result is bacterial vaginosis. Typically, this condition, which affects many women, causes an abnormal vaginal discharge that may be gray or white in color, and watery and thin. You may […]

World Mental Health Day: How companies can ensure mental well-being among employees

Mental well-being is the first step on the ladder towards success. This applies not just in your personal, but professional life as as well. The importance of mental well-being at workplace should be emphasised. October 10 is World Mental Health Day and this year’s theme is Mental Health in the Workplace. Employers who put in place workplace initiatives to promote mental health and to support employees who have mental disorders […]

How To Increase Platelet Count Naturally

Dropping blood platelet counts can be worrisome, and if you’re currently looking at ways to increase the count naturally, you may be surprised at the sheer number of ways you can help yourself. Natural remedies using easily available foods as well as some lifestyle modifications can go a long way in helping your blood rebuild and the platelet count to be restored to healthy levels. Platelet Counts Of Under 150,000 […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2017: 5 simple lifestyle changes that boost prevention

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which aims to increase knowledge of how we can help beat one of the most common cancers in women. Currently, breast cancer is the leading type of cancer among women, replacing cervical cancer. Here’s what you can do to cut your risks: Get moving A US study which looked at 1.4 million participants found that a higher level of physical activity could lower the […]

6 million reasons why you should know this cancer scientist

Dr Manjiri Bakre’s OncoStem is revolutionising breast cancer treatment in India with a test that is faster AND cheaper than what is currently available in Europe and the US. And OncoStem just raised $6 million to do more! Payal Sharma, 40, was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. As a standard course of treatment, she would have got chemotherapy, which has side effects. While the tumour is not detrimental at a […]

From mapping diseases to finding new drugs: How 2017 chemistry Nobel winners' work could change medicine

A trio of Swiss, American and British scientists won the 2017 Nobel chemistry prize on Wednesday for developing cryo-electron microscopy, allowing researchers to see biological molecules frozen in action. The work by Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson makes it possible to image proteins and other molecules after freezing them rapidly to preserve their shape, providing a powerful new tool for medical research. “It’s like frames in a movie. […]

Do you work in night shifts? Know the dangers of disrupting your body clock

Different professions across the globe require people to work odd, sometimes bizarre shifts. Various studies have shown and we’re sure you have felt it too, that these shifts, especially the night shift, often tend to cause an imbalance within your system and lead to health issues. Even though some may feel comfortable with nights shifts, your health is ultimately bearing the brunt of the changes in your body-clock and lifestyle. […]