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16 Actions to Take to Achieve Any Goal

Goal setting is essential to living a life with purpose and meaning. Goals give our lives direction and focus, and help us stay motivated over the long term. Nearly everything in life revolves around goals — they encompass all of our plans for the future, all of our hopes, dreams and visions for what we want in life. And yet we often fail to reach our goals. That’s because we’re […]

Air pollution may lead to chronic kidney diseases: Study

Toxic air takes a massive toll on respiratory organs but a new study has found that it could also lead to chronic kidney diseases. According to a study, conducted by University of Michigan, harmful particles in the air can have a detrimental impact on how the kidney functions. It claims that the ill-effects could be on the lines of smoking. “Similar to smoking, air pollution contains harmful toxins that can […]

'Indian Muslims much safer than Muslims in Islamic countries': This Saudi woman's reply is winning hearts

A Saudi woman’s frank response on question-and-answer community platform Quora is going viral. Aisha Fahda, who defines herself as ‘a Muslim girl living in Sweden’, said that “ Indian Muslims are much more safer than those Muslims living in the Islamic countries.” An anonymous Quoran asked, “Why don’t Pakistan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia together attack India to save Indian Muslims?” The question has more than 100 responses, including few highly […]

Antidepressants may counter effects of brain ageing: study

MIT study found that fluoxetine could restore some of the lost plasticity to the cells A commonly used antidepressant medication Prozac can counter some of the effects of brain ageing, such as sensory and cognitive decline, an MIT study suggests. The research published in the Journal of Neuroscience provides fresh evidence that the decline in the capacity of brain cells to change — called ‘plasticity’ — rather than a decline […]

10 foods that cause constipation, avoid them for better digestion

Your diet doesn’t just impact your weight loss and fitness goals. It can also create problems in your digestion process leading to constipation, especially if it doesn’t contain enough fibre that can be obtained from fruits and vegetables, or probiotics like yoghurt. While fast foods may seem to be the most obvious cause of constipation, it is not the only culprit. Here are 10 foods that you should avoid to […]

31days, 31 districts: Why a Hyderabad woman travelled across Telangana to meet women

Shravya Reddy Deshmukh comes across as an unassuming person. It’s only been a few days since she completed the daunting task of travelling across 31 districts in Telangana in 31 days. She has totally traversed a distance of 4116.4 km in a single month. “It’s all for the love of women,” Shravya reminds us, adding that it’s been her dream to touch every woman’s life and create a positive impact. […]

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Pears

Pears are known as ‘Perikkai’ in Telugu, ‘Nashpati’ in Hindi ,’Perikai’ in Tamil, ‘Sabari’ in Malayalam, ‘Naspatti’ in Gujarati, ‘Nashpatti’ in Marathi, and ‘Naakh’ or ‘Nashpaati’ in Punjabi. But is that all in the box of diversity that pears have to offer? Certainly not. Pears are much more than just a tasty and juicy fruit, they are remarkably nutritious and have some great health benefits. Some basic health benefits of […]

Do the present well, future will blossom

Student: I am in the tenth grade and people say that by this age, I should at least have a rough idea of what I am doing in the future. I thought of something, but I am not sure if that is the right thing that I should be doing. How do I handle such a situation? Sadhguru: Those who think a lot about their future will only keep thinking […]

8 health symptoms people ignore, but could be signs of a serious disease

There are times you experience unexplained pain and medical conditions that go away on their own, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, it’s better that you get it checked by a medical professional because one can never say when it could turn out to be serious. Here is a list of symptoms that can’t mean anything good for your body. Check them out, just so you know what to […]

78 million babies not breastfed in first hour of life: Reports by WHO, UNICEF

According to United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and World Health Organization (WHO), around 78 million babies or three in every five are not breastfed within the first hour of the birth, putting them at a higher risk of death and disease and making them less likely to continue breastfeeding. Most of these babies are born in low- and middle-income countries. According to the report, newborns who breastfeed in the first […]