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25 Quotes From Buddha That Will Change Your Life!

Words are a powerful thing. The lessons from Buddha can inspire you to understand and tackle all of life’s problems. If you are feeling stressed, low in life, or maybe lost, these quotes from Buddha can help you. It can also help those trying to overcome anger problems or just looking to connect with their spirituality. Gautama Buddha is the enlightened being known as the founder of Buddhism. He has […]

Moving towards a sensible mode of life

Piyush: Is consumerism actually driven by paranoia? People buy six saris because they are afraid that when they go to a party, someone else there is wearing the same sari. People buy a new mobile phone because someone else also got a new mobile phone. When I was young, no one gave me extra supplements with my food, but today, we are feeding our children all kinds of things. Sadhguru: […]


The increased consumption of meat laden with growth hormones may be the reason for a growing number of cases of breast cancer, according to breast surgeon to the stars, Kristi Funk. The Beverly Hills-based doctor is leading the way in breast cancer treatment, and an A-list roster of clients including Angelina Jolie, Sheryl Crow, and Ellen Pompeo have taken her advice on nutrition and the benefits of a vegan diet […]

10 foods that boost metabolism and help you lose weight fast

Your metabolism plays a huge role in determining how much weight you will lose, and how fast. If you have a slow metabolism, your weight loss will take time, irrespective of diet and exercise, as you will burn fewer calories when you are at rest. If you have a high metabolic rate, you may eat and eat but not gain weight. If you have a slow metabolism, don’t despair. Make […]

Cloves For Acidity: This Simple Remedy Will Keep Tummy Troubles At Bay

There are times when you’ve had tea on an empty stomach or had a hearty meal and felt a burn in your tummy, which further results in heartburn and acid reflux – we all have faced the problem at some point. Eating spicy foods, irregular eating habits, stress, lesser physical activity and drinking alcohol may cause acidity. It happens when stomach acid or bile flows in your food pipe and […]

The 'Bleeding' Issue: Sabarimala Temple Ban for Women!

The Supreme Court asked why women cannot be allowed to enter the Sabarimala temple in Kerala. The court said women cannot be denied entry into the temple as per Constitution of India. Lot of readers requested me to write about it. The arguments that aired for and against ban on women were really funny, illogical and unscientific. So, let’s first separate the facts and fiction. “Archaic discrimination in Sabarimala temple” […]

6 fascinating facts about the human brain

Human brain is both fascinating and beautiful. Responsible for our actions and the way we think, it is also a deeply complex organ that has intrigued people for long. There are several interesting theories associated with it and they make for an even more informative read. In case you too are curious, here are some points that you might want to mull over. * The adult human brain weighs about […]

Here are 7 ways to boost immunity during monsoon using tea

Tea is an integral part of Indian culture and society for a long time. It is valued for its medicinal properties, as well as enjoyed as a beverage. Cold, cough, flu, fever, pneumonia are some common diseases that spread during the monsoon season, so here are seven immunity boosting tea to sip to beat the flu: Herbal Tea It is one of the most universally appreciated beverages consumed to enhance […]

5 Reasons Why Perfectionists Cannot Be Entrepreneurs

Perfectionists have high standards for themselves and for others. In an office environment, as employees, they take their responsibilities seriously and never complete any task or project without double-checking even the minutest detail to ensure that it is perfect. They can be irritating to others, too, because they expect the same perfection from their co-workers. When a perfectionist who has been amazing on the job decides that they want to […]

Brachytherapy can now reduce treatment time for breast cancer

A new form of treatment, Brachytherapy can now reduce treatment time for breast cancers. The technique involves the insertion of radioactive implants directly into the cancer cell tissue. As for treatment, breast-conserving surgery followed by radiation therapy and hormonal treatment/chemotherapy depending on the type of cancer is the standard care for newly diagnosed breast cancer in elderly women. ‘External radiation therapy lasting 4-6 weeks involves 21 to 31 sittings. But, […]