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Humanity Has More Mothers Than Fathers, DNA Reveals

Mothers outnumbered fathers throughout much of human history, a new DNA analysis of people around the world shows. The genetic findings offer evidence for polygyny, when one man has many wives, and other reproductive customs, as people migrated out of Africa. “[Historically] more of the women were reproducing than the men,” study researcher Mark Stoneking, a professor of biological anthropology at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, […]

Beat bad mood with yoga

Los Angeles: When you’re having one of those days when you just can’t seem to shake off a bad mood and fume at every little thing, try doing yoga. Here are a few yoga poses to get you back into a good mood, reports people.com: * Open your heart with wheel pose: Sometimes when you’re in a bad mood, you just need to take deep breaths and oxygenate your body. […]

42 Lesser Known Amazing Human Body Facts

1.Children grow faster in springtime 2.It is not possible to tickle yourself. 3.All babies are color blind at birth, they see only black and white. 4.Each person sheds 22 kilograms of skin in his or her lifetime. 5.Average life span of a taste bud is only 10 days. 6.Your teeth start growing 6 months before you are born. 7.Largest muscle in your body is one on which you are sitting […]

6 Habits That Do More Harm Than Good

The rules of staying fit seem very easy to follow. Eating well, working out, getting enough sleep and you will be the healthiest person, right? Surprisingly, it is more complicated than that. Often the very choices you make to benefit your health can be the same ones that hurt you in the end. Read the article and find out which unexpected habits can be causing you harm. Using of hand […]

Hero rats sniff (and snuff) out landmines and TB

Traditionally, you wouldn’t gift someone a rat — not someone you like, anyway. And even if a gift-wrapped rodent was in the cards, you’d likely shy away from the giant African pouched rat, which — as the name suggests — is rather large (think cat-sized). Tanzania-based NGO Apopo, however, thinks rats make excellent gifts. So much so that they’ve launched an adopt-a-rat program, which allows participants to sponsor the animal. […]

5 reasons how flaxseeds contribute to your good health

  Yes, the small little seeds can have multiple health benefits. Adding flaxseeds to your diet will not only help improving your heart’s health but will also aid in bettter digestion. Flaxseeds are high on protein and its best to consume them in a powdered form as it increases the amount of nutrients absorbed. Here are a few health benefits of flaxseeds: -Flaxseeds help in weight loss as they are […]

Job loss fears may put people at asthma risk: Study

London: Work-related stress and a fear of losing one’s job may put people at the risk of developing asthma, warns an observational study. For every 25 percent increase in the perceived threat of job loss, the risk of asthma rose by 24 percent, the study found. Among those who believed that they were very likely to lose their job the risk of asthma rose to 60 percent compared with those […]

5 best foods to beat anemia in women

Iron deficiency or anemia is a very common blood disorder. It is a condition where the RBC counts fall from their normal levels. Common symptoms include weakness, dizziness and quick exhaustion. According to a study conducted by WHO, nearly 1.62 billion people affected by anemia are women and young children. Women especially are more likely to suffer from the condition. According to experts, the major cause of anemia in women […]

9 fats that contribute to your good health

Washington: A new study has claimed that there are certain fats which could prove beneficial to one’s health if made part of their diet. According to Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), though fats maybe considered the enemy of good nutrition most of the times, when included in a healthy diet they could boast several potential health benefits. Contributing Editor Linda Milo Ohr wrote about how fatty acids and nutritional oils […]

Students Avert Possible Theft of Rs. 24 Lakh from ATM Kiosk in Hyderabad

In an act of honesty, three students in Hyderabad alerted the police about currency notes found spilled at an ATM and averted a possible theft of amount over Rs. 24 lakh from a kiosk, police said today. The trio, Shiak Latheef Vali, S R Shiva Durga Prasad and J Hariprasad, pursuing degrees and final year of CA course had gone to the SBH ATM at S R Nagar on night […]