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Huge Antarctic ice sheet collapsing, scientists alarmed about sea level rise

In Pic :This undated handout photo provided by NASA shows the Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctic. Two new studies indicate that part of the huge West Antarctic ice sheet is starting a slow collapse in an unstoppable way. Alarmed scientists say that means even more sea level rise than they figured.   The huge West Antarctic ice sheet is starting a glacially slow collapse in an unstoppable way, two new […]

Canadian prison overcrowding going to get worse in long-term, auditor general reports

OTTAWA — Canada’s prisons are so jam-packed with inmates that many are forced to “double-bunk” in shared cells — even though corrections officials recognize this breeds violence and poses a risk to offenders and staff at the facilities. Moreover, although recent construction will resolve the over-crowding in the “short-term,” Correctional Service Canada (CSC) has failed to develop expansion plans for its penitentiaries to properly take into account the growing number […]

Forget al Qaeda,here's a bigger threat

In Pic :Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has recognized the al-Nusra Front as the official al Qaeda affiliate in Syria. Editor’s note: Andrew Hammond is a former UK government special adviser, and an associate at LSE IDEAS at the London School of Economics. The views expressed are solely his own.London (CNN) — Friday marks the anniversary of the assassination of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan by U.S. forces. Three years […]

Joint air search ends for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

After seven weeks of an intense but fruitless search, the international air effort to find Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is over. Some ships will, however, stay on the Indian Ocean to gather any debris that might surface. More than 600 military personnel from at least seven countries solemnly posed in front of their planes Tuesday for a commemorative photo. Some traded military patches and mulled over their disappointment in not […]

South Korea ferry disaster: Fisherman still haunted by passengers' screams

Fisherman Kim Hyun-ho finds no peace when he lies down at night. The hundreds of dead or missing passengers from the Sewol ferry disaster haunt his sleep. Their screams ring in his head. He has vivid memories of his rush to save them in his modest fishing boat off South Korea’s coast 10 days ago. Kim thinks he may have pulled 25 people from the frigid waters of the Yellow […]

What was the mysterious black ring in Leamington Spa?

A video of a mysterious black ring in the sky over Leamington Spa left people scratching their heads, and prompted a wave of speculation, writes Tom de Castella. The ring was reportedly captured by a 16-year-old schoolgirl with her smartphone after she played tennis with her mother. The ring – which appeared to be close to Warwick Castle – remained in the sky for around three minutes before vanishing, it […]

Ukraine crisis: US, EU push for fracking boom to reduce dependence on Russian gas

The face-off between the West and Russia over its annexation of Crimea and threat to invade eastern Ukraine has raised calls for the expansion of shale gas production and hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, to reduce Europe’s reliance on Russian gas. While the Obama administration is pushing to begin exporting natural gas to Europe, the call for Europe to start fracking operations of its own is being spearheaded in Europe by […]

Woman 'taken' by large shark in Australia

A search has yielded no sign of Christine Armstrong or the shark that’s suspected of attacking her off the Australian coast A 63-year-old woman is presumed to have been “taken” by a large shark while swimming off the coast of Australia Thursday, police tell CNN. Christine Armstrong was swimming with a group of friends off a beach in Tathra in New South Wales when she complained and headed back to […]

Mine fire in Australia makes the countryside look like Mount Doom

CANBERRA, Australia — The elderly, young children and pregnant women were advised Friday to evacuate an Australian town that has been shrouded by smoke and ash from a burning coal mine for almost three weeks. Victoria state Chief Health Officer Rosemary Lester said vulnerable residents were advised to leave the town of Morwell as a precaution because the fire in the nearby Hazelwood Coal Mine is expected to spew smoke […]


Obama Admits ‘I Used To Get High’

Here’s President Obama explaining how much of himself he sees in so many young and struggling minorities without parents. Obama announces that, like them, he used to make excuses, blame others and get high when he was angry. The president has been referring to his adolescent marijuana habit as a mistake, yet we all know that if Obama had stayed away from weed as a kid, he probably wouldn’t have […]