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Ola drivers abuse senior citizens and young professionals at Bengaluru #olaabuse

Taxi driver abuse seems to have becoming more frequent in India. After Uber taxi driver rape incident, Ola driver abusing senior citizens is being reported from Bengaluru. In one such incident while two taxis one higher end tax Etios and one lower end taxi Indica were hired by Mohan(name changed)for his aged parents and relatives from the same source Horamavu to Bengaluru city station, the final charge of India was more compared to […]

World's Largest Diamond, Mughal Necklace in Geneva Auction

In Pic :A Christie’s employee holds a 13.22 carat diamond called ‘The Blue’, the largest flawless vivid blue diamond yet found, which is estimated to sell between 21,000,000 to 25,000,000 US Dollar, during a preview at Christie’s, in Geneva, Switzerland, Friday New Delhi:  A rare necklace, engraved with the names of Mughal emperors Akbar and Jahangir goes under the hammer in Geneva tomorrow by Christie’s, which is also auctioning the world’s […]


Man offers himself as meal to tigers by jumping into their cage

A man who was fed up with life, decided that his body would make a good meal for tigers at a local zoo. Yang Jinhai, 27, of China, jumped into the cage full of tigers in front of horrified onlookers. The man had announced that he wanted to improve the lives of the caged tigers by offering his own body for them to eat. Zoo keepers managed to save the […]

Indian election spoofs get voters laughing

Candidate Narendra Modi is spoofed using an iconic scene from Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator A barrage of political spoofs on the internet and TV is ensuring that every Indian politician is cut down to size, writes Jay Mazoomdaar. For a people not known to take themselves lightly, a surprising number of Indians are laughing their way to the general election. A generous dose of irreverent political humour is now […]

India Votes :Biggest election world has ever seen - A new era for India?

Today, in India’s remote northeastern states of Assam and Tripura, the first wave of the country’s 814 million eligible voters will cast their ballots as the largest election in world history gets underway. Any time the world’s most populous democracy goes to the polls, it’s a momentous undertaking. But with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stepping aside after a decade in charge, analysts say voting will take on an even greater […]

Malaysia releases ‘normal’ transcript of Flight 370's final communications

BEIJING — Malaysia released on Monday the full transcript of radio communications between the pilots on Flight 370 and air traffic control but reiterated that there was no indication of anything abnormal before the plane vanished last month. The government said international investigators and Malaysian authorities still believe the plane was deliberately flown off course in the early hours of March 8, with 239 people on board. But the possibility […]

CIA misled on interrogation program, Senate report says

A report by the Senate Intelligence Committee concludes that the CIA misled the government and the public about aspects of its brutal interrogation program for years — concealing details about the severity of its methods, overstating the significance of plots and prisoners, and taking credit for critical pieces of intelligence that detainees had in fact surrendered before they were subjected to harsh techniques. The report, built around detailed chronologies of […]

Edible Water Bottle Could Save The Planet

Created by London-based industrial design students Rodrigo García González, Pierre Paslier, and Guillaume Couche, the Ooho is a blob-like water container made out of an edible algae membrane. The design is inspired by how liquid drops form and how egg yolks work. The container is created using a culinary technique called “spherification” and the water is held inside by a double gelatinous membrane. The gel around the water is created […]

Khobragade, not Modi: Why Nancy Powell resigned

Namaskar, my name is Nancy Powell… I am delighted to be returning to India where I have lived and worked in Kolkata and New Delhi.. I am anxious to reconnect with old friends and revisit my favourite places”, said an optimistic ambassador designate in a YouTube video message to India, shortly before she was scheduled to take over the diplomatic mission. She was the first woman ambassador the US had […]