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Algerian military plane crashes - 100 feared dead

The plane was said to have been carrying military personnel and family members An Algerian military transport plane has crashed in mountains in the north-east of the country with 103 passengers and crew on board. The Hercules C-130 crashed in a mountainous area of Oum al-Bouaghi province, en route to Constantine. One survivor has been found and the search continues, emergency services official Col Farid Nechad told public radio. The […]

Here's How Google's 'Diabetes Contacts' Will Work

 This week, Google announced plans for smart contact lenses that will help people with diabetes track their blood glucose levels. Right now, many of the 347 million people who have diabetes worldwide monitor their blood sugar levels by pricking their fingers and testing the blood. Google wants to replace needles and blood with a contact lens and tears. Here’s everything we can figure about how Google’s contacts might work: In […]

Reunion Island: India’s French Connection

A diffused, numinous quality inhabits the light over Reunion Island. The physics is not too complicated to explain. Every day, with the utmost reliability, clumps of cloud form around the peaks of the island’s central mountains, filtering the tropical sun, allowing it to shine through in broad shafts of golden light. These beams blaze at will upon Reunion’s plains of volcanic soil, its sugar cane plantations, its beaches of satin-soft […]

What makes a global property hot spot?

What makes a city an attractive place to buy in and what’s the impact on domestic buyers when foreigners come in? Despite the tepid economic recovery, property prices are rising at a pace last seen before the financial crash in key cities in post-crisis countries, such as London and New York. London prices have led the best year for property in Britain since 2006, now at 27% above their peak […]

Riot on a tiny island highlights Australia shutting a door on asylum

Australia is advertising its changed migration policy, warning people that they will be sent to Papua New Guinea or elsewhere. A riot on a tiny island in the Pacific that killed no one would usually go unnoticed by the world. But when some 100 asylum seekers burned down their shelters in an Australian refugee processing center Friday on Nauru Island, it did not. Instead, it drew attention to a new […]

Schoolboy dubbed 'Mini Monet' sees his earnings soar to £1.5million after his latest 23 works sell for £240,000 in under half an hour

Kieron Williamson, 10, has seen his lifetime earnings soar to nearly £1.5m The talented artist sold 23 of his paintings for a total of £242,095 last Friday Another sale will be held this Friday – with his artwork likely to sell in minutes A 10-year-old art genius is set to see his lifetime earnings soar to nearly £1.5million after selling his latest collection of paintings for more than £240,000. Schoolboy […]

Valley fever: An incurable illness in the dust

Cases of an incurable illness called valley fever are multiplying at a mystifying rate in the American south-west. Six states are affected, and Mexico too, but few places have been hit as hard as one remote city. Even in sweltering heat, the wind brings no respite to Avenal. The gusts are warm, like a hairdryer, and they carry an invisible threat that has claimed and disrupted many lives. The tiny […]

Mumbai Dance Bars Get Green Light

India’s top court Tuesday overturned an eight-year ban on dance bars in Mumbai by the Maharashtra state government, which said they were degrading and exploited women. The Supreme Court’s decision upheld a 2006 ruling by the Bombay High Court that said the ban was discriminatory. The groups contesting the ban also said it violated their constitutional right to earn a living. The government of Maharashtra in 2005 prohibited performances in […]