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Connecticut Teenager With Cancer Loses Court Fight to Refuse Chemotherapy

The police were banging on the doors and the windows of her home while she cowered in the closet, a 17-year-old girl recounted. She remembered clutching her phone, crying, calling her mother. “I was scared,” she wrote  of the experience. It may sound like a drug raid, or the climax of a movie. But in fact, the police, along with representatives of Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families, had come […]

Living History: Meet one of Earth’s oldest residents

A billion years ago, the Earth was an exceptionally unpleasant place. Temperatures were unbearable and the air was unbreathable, with carbon dioxide comprising about one-third of the atmosphere. Then a tiny new life form entered the picture and changed everything. Known as microalgae, these single-celled organisms evolved from the primordial soup, absorbing atmospheric gasses and reducing CO2 levels to a fraction of a percent, fostering an environment in which higher […]

BRICS Victory for India: Your 10-Point Cheatsheet

Fortaleza, Brazil:  The new development bank of the group of BRICS countries will be headquartered in Shanghai, China, with the presidency held by India for the first five years.  In hard negotiations, India won on some key points HERE ARE TEN THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT THE NEW BRICS BANK: The $100 billion development bank launched at the sixth  BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – summit in Brazil […]

Success Is Not Final, Failure Is Not Fatal: 8 Lessons Only Failing Can Teach You

Regardless of what you are attempting to accomplish, what success you are gunning after, if it’s something worth pursuing, then you’re going to fail – miserably – plenty of times before you strike gold. As markets become more popular, the pools become saturated with talent. With each new year, it gets slightly more difficult to achieve your dreams – assuming that others are pursuing the same passions. Lucky for you, […]

Forget Your Selfie, This Guy’s Epic 3-Year Journey Is The Ultimate Selfie Compilation

  Alex Chacon will take you around the world, in the most literal sense of the phrase. The adventure photographer put a GoPro on a stick to provide stunning 360-degree views of the most exotic locations. The settings change as Alex slowly spins around, putting you on a magic carousel that rotates around the natural treasures of 36 countries. Please follow and like us:

Top 3 most beautiful cities in the world

Once again the European continent is stacking all the most beautiful and alluring cities in its hands. We would have thought of other cities in the United States or in India but this is not the case. Venice, Paris and Prague still keeps the top rank most beautiful cities from all over the world. VENICE Unanimous among tourists in all corners of the earth, Venice was and still remains the […]

Tourists take in stunning view of Canadian Rockies as controversial new Glacier Skywalk opens in Jasper

Against her better judgment, Chris Gitelson follows her childhood friend, Aileen Sesso, onto the glass floor of the Glacier Skywalk and sits down. They’re 280 metres above the Sunwapta Valley, a canyon with the Sunwapta River running through it, on opening day for the skywalk, a controversial development in Jasper National Park. I can’t stay here. I can’t. I can’t believe I’m sitting out here “I love it,” said Ms. […]

Antibiotic resistance now 'global threat', WHO warns

WHO called for more preventative measures against infection. Resistance to antibiotics poses a “major global threat” to public health, says a new report by the World Health Organization (WHO). It analysed data from 114 countries and said resistance was happening now “in every region of the world”. It described a “post-antibiotic era”, where people die from simple infections that have been treatable for decades. There were likely to be “devastating” […]

In Ukraine and elsewhere, Canada needs a strong military to back up its bravado

Canada has set aside its former cherished international position as self-proclaimed peacekeeper, and now has an opportunity to graduate from the Harper government’s more commendable but still unsatisfactory status as a mouse that roars, to some level of international relevance. Canada was a good ally in the World Wars and as a co-founder of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The notion of peacekeeping took hold in 1956, after the British […]

The One: 10 Traits Your Ideal Soul Mate Should Have

Finding your soul mate is basically finding that one person (arguably one of several) who has the right traits – traits that are relevant to you as an individual. In other words: You have to find a person whom you can put up with and who, more importantly, can put up with you. Plus all that lovey-dovey stuff, of course. If love isn’t much more than the way that you […]