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First liquid water lake found on Mars, raises possibility of life

Using a radar instrument on an orbiting spacecraft, scientists have spotted what they said on Wednesday appears to be a sizable salt-laden lake under ice on the southern polar plain of Mars, a body of water they called a possible habitat for microbial life. The reservoir they detected — roughly 12 miles in diameter, shaped like a rounded triangle and located about a mile b eneath the ice surface — […]

Indian Scientists Discover New Planet 600 Light Years Away: Here’s How They Did It!

When we look up to the night sky, the glittering stars we see, if any, are the brightest stars that emit light, just like the sun. But for all the glittering stars out there, there are a countless number of planets that revolve around them. These planets go undetected as they are much dimmer than their parent stars. These planets are called exoplanets. And the search for them has only […]

NASA rover data shows Mars had the ingredients needed for life

A NASA rover has detected a bonanza of organic compounds on the surface of Mars and seasonal fluctuations of atmospheric methane in findings released on Thursday that mark some of the strongest evidence ever that Earth’s neighbor may have harbored life. But National Aeronautics and Space Administration scientists emphasized there could be nonbiological explanations for both discoveries made by the Curiosity rover at a site called Gale crater, leaving the […]

From having normal conversations to making restaurant bookings, here's all you need to know about Google's AI

Google has unveiled an artificial intelligence tool capable of handling routine tasks — such as making restaurant bookings — as a way to help people disconnect from their smartphone screens. Kicking off the tech giant’s annual developers conference, Google chief executive Sundar Pichai argued that its AI-powered digital assistant had the potential to free people from everyday chores. Pichai played a recording of the Google Assistant independently calling a hair […]

Remains of 140 children found in Peru, pointing to world’s largest ancient child sacrifice

Archaeologists in Peru have found evidence of the biggest-ever sacrifice of children, uncovering the remains of more than 140 youngsters who were slain alongside 200 llamas as part of a ritual offering some 550 years ago, National Geographic announced on Thursday. The site was located on top of a cliff facing the Pacific Ocean in La Libertad, a northern region where the Chimu civilization arose, an ancient pre-Columbian people who […]


THE world is currently on high alert with tensions between the US and Russia over Syria boiling over. Adding North Korea’s nuclear ambitions into the mix, an all-out war could be on the cards – but just who would win if World War 3 broke out? We explore the options. Could World War Three happen? As the world comes under fire from terror attacks, escalating hostility between Russia and the […]

Earth to be destroyed in 10 days: Doomsday expert provides new date, adds more spectacular elements

We have a new deadline for the existence of life as we know it. Yes, we have a new last day to live. And it’s April 23. This date has been brought to us by the reliable David Meade, who has reliably and regularly provided many ‘last days of existence’. And there is an added bonus this time – the zombie apocalypse. In a bid to keep raising his game, […]

Teenager 14, From Indonesia lays an EGG in front of baffled doctors

A teenager from Indonesia claims to have laid 20 eggs in the past two years. On Monday, the teenager laid two eggs in front of the doctors, which has baffled medical experts. The 14-year-old has been repeatedly hospitalised for his condition, and recently laid two eggs in front of doctors. A team of doctors in Syech Yusuf Hospital has examined the eggs and said that they are chicken eggs. “Our […]

Artificial intelligence poses risks of misuse by hackers, researchers say

Rapid advances in artificial intelligence are raising risks that malicious users will soon exploit the technology to mount automated hacking attacks, cause driverless car crashes or turn commercial drones into targeted weapons, a new report warns. The study, published on Wednesday by 25 technical and public policy researchers from Cambridge, Oxford and Yale universities along with privacy and military experts, sounded the alarm for the potential misuse of AI by […]

11 cities of the world may face water crisis like Cape Town

Water is the most essential thing for the survival of human being. Despite the fact that water consist 71% surface of the Earth still there are some places which are running out of drinking water. 11 cities of the world are likely under the danger, where there will be no drinking water. According to 2014 survey of the world’s 500 largest cities estimates that one in four are in a […]