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The ghost towns of Uttarakhand one year after floods

Towns stand empty as skeletons still surface one year after devastating floods swept away thousands of people in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, BBC Hindi’s Nitin Srivastava reports from Kedarnath. A trail of death and destruction was left across the 4,000 villages of Rudraprayag district when floods engulfed the famous Hindu shrine of Kedarnath. At least 5,700 people missing were presumed dead while more than 540 bodies recovered from […]

10 Super Foods to Help Boost Your Memory and Concentration

It’s not only a sign of old age and dementia that we start forgetting things. It can happen to a person of any age, background, or health condition. There are children who, at times, have difficulty concentrating. On the other hand, there are people who forget some things on a daily basis, like their keys, wallet, cell phone, appointments, and many other things. Well, we believe that everything and everyone […]

Top 5 investments for your money

Investments on the following domains are increasing and can be rewarding after a period of time. If you choose to call on a specialist, he will help in all processes to step through before completing the investment. For managing investments, you have to open accounts, transfer accounts and assets, buy and sell investments in each account and more.  Other several procedures are also necessary for an investment in a big […]

'This will help the nation': Prime Minister professes 'pride' as he dedicates India's largest aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya

Amid heavy rainfall and lashing winds on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the Indian Navy’s costliest and most potent acquisition, aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya, to the service of the nation.  By choosing to come on-board the INS Vikramaditya in his first trip outside Delhi after taking the oath of office, Modi sent a message to sailors present on the ship and the world that was watching that military matters […]

Namibia's 'fairy circles': Nature's greatest mystery?

From the air, the Namibian desert looks like it has a bad case of chicken pox. Spread across 1,100 miles of a narrow strip sit a smattering of barren polka dots, otherwise known as fairy circles. These sizable craters measure 10- to 65-feet in diameter, and represent one of nature’s greatest mysteries. Over the decades, a number of theories, from alien invasion to poisonous gasses have been put forth to […]

When Antibiotics Fail, Are Herbs the Answer?

When Antibiotics Fail, Are Herbs the Answer? “If you’ve reached the point where you don’t pay attention to anything that might disturb your orthodoxy, you’re not doing science, you’re not even pursuing a discipline. All you’re doing is perpetuating a smug, closed-minded sect.” –  Paul Krugman The Evolution of Antibiotics: We perhaps are at the point in time when certain established beliefs and methods need a hard look, especially the […]

10 Amazingly Simple Tips To Become A Corporate Yogi

I started my journey into teaching yoga walking into a Federal office building. It was my first-ever class, apart from the studio where I taught free classes. There I was, a million sequences in my mind, awesome music to coordinate the poses, all ready to wow. I couldn’t wait to exhibit my talent as a yoga teacher. Guess what … reality struck me as I entered that fitness center. I […]

What is Kundalini Yoga?

We, as human beings, as versions of the Universe experiencing itself, are always dwelling between our hearts and our minds; our divine and our human side, our body and our soul. The understanding of the fact that the divine rests within ourselves is crucial to our own happiness. In order to excel and to evolve beyond our primal needs, we need to search for solutions to remove this imbalance between […]

Now, A Medical Centre for Internet Addiction

 The amount of time that people today spend online, on social networks or on their phones is increasingly interfering with real life – or at least what most people consider real life. Recognising this, the Bangalore’s National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, NIMHANS, has set up a tech de-addiction centre, to help those who need it. We are sometimes so absorbed in a virtual world, that we do not […]

'We must convert our image from 'scam India' to 'skill India!': PM Modi vows to take the whole nation forward in his first address to Parliament

It wasn’t the Modi of the Lok Sabha campaign beamed across televisions nationwide on Wednesday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened his arms with the grace of a victor as he reached out to the Opposition in his reply to President Pranab Mukherjee’s address to the joint session of parliament on Monday. “After the elections, we all are the custodian of the hopes and aspirations of the people,” Modi said in […]