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Now, you don’t need Aadhaar for these services. Here’s the full list

The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld constitutional validity of Aadhaar and struck down Section 57 permitting private entities to avail the data. However, it ruled that Aadhar is not needed for school admissions and mobile phone connections. Also, individuals can approach courts to file cases under the Aadhaar Act. Earlier, only the UIDAI and its officials could file cases. “Aadhaar means unique and it is better to be unique than […]

SC to deliver Aadhaar verdict today, to decide on validity, mandatory linking

A five-judge bench of the Supreme Court will decide on Wednesday the constitutionality of Aadhaar, the controversial biometric identity card project that the government claims plugged leaks in welfare schemes but which critics dub as intrusive and violating privacy. The Constitution Bench, comprising Chief Justice of India (CJI) Dipak Misra and justices AK Sikri, AM Khanwilkar, DY Chandrachud and Ashok Bhushan, reserved its verdict on May 10 after hearing the […]

The Peace Formula

The great mistake of modern civilization is to encroach upon others’ property as though it were one’s own and to thereby create an unnecessary disturbance of the laws of nature. These laws are very strong. No living entity can violate them. Only one who is Krishna conscious can easily overcome the stringency of the laws of nature and thus become happy and peaceful in the world. As a state is […]

Imran Khan 'disappointed at arrogant response by India', takes shot at 'small men' in 'big offices' who lack vision

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday said that Pakistan’s offer of “friendship” to India should not be considered as its weakness and the Indian leadership should shun “arrogance” to hold peace talks. Khan had written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, seeking to re-start bilateral talks on key issues including terrorism and Kashmir. India initially agreed to a meeting between Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and her Pakistani counterpart Shah […]

Muharram 2018: All you need to know about the day of Ashura

Ashura refers to the tenth day of the sacred month of Muharram in the Islamic calendar. The day marks the death of Husayn Ibn Ali, who was the grandson of Prophet Muhammad. Husayn Ibn Ali died in the battle of Karbala. Both Sunni and Shia Muslims observe the day of Muharram worldwide. Shia Muslims mourn the battle of Karbala while Sunni Muslims observe a fast as a mark of gratitude […]

Acid attack crusader Laxmi Aggarwal falls upon hard times, struggles to find job

Laxmi Aggarwal, 30, the acid-attack survivor who won hearts with her courage and poise, in circumstances that would have seen many crumble, and was one of the winners of the US State Department’s International Women of Courage Award in 2014 (First Lady, Michelle Obama presented it), is now without a job and may soon be without a home. That India’s best-known acid attack survivor is finding it difficult to get […]

Price rise may prove costly for Modi govt in 2019 polls, says Baba Ramdev

Yoga guru Ramdev on Sunday cautioned that price rise across the country, if not controlled soon, may prove costly for the Modi government in the next general elections. Ramdev also said he would not campaign for the BJP in the 2019 elections, unlike in 2014 when he actively worked in favour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “Many laud the policies of the Modi government, but some need correction now… Price […]

Telangana polls: BJP borrows from H'bad history to recast PM as Vallabhbhai Patel, paints KCR as 'new Nizam'

The BJP is on a casting spree in Telangana. Its pre-election production in India’s youngest state borrows liberally from the events surrounding the liberation of Hyderabad on 17 September, 1948. The kingdom of Hyderabad joined the Indian Union 13 months after India gained independence. This was made possible through ‘Operation Polo’, mounted by the Indian forces that marched into Nizam’s territory. Taking its hero worship of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel a […]

Emojis Convey Not Just Fun But Much More: Study

Emojis convey linguistic meaning Emojis are ubiquitous Emojis can convey irony or sarcasm That winky-face emoji that you use at the end of a text isn’t just a fun picture added to your sentence. It can convey linguistic meaning that changes the interpretation of the sentence, finds a new study. The findings showed that the brain processes ironic emojis in the same way as ironic language, indicating emojis convey meaning […]

I. M. STEWPEED: UPSC website hacked with Doraemon image, title song plays in background

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) website was hacked late on Monday night. The hackers, put up an image of a heart and injured Doraemon – popular Japanese cartoon character. The image contained two lines: “Doraemon!!!!!!! Pick up the Call” on the top and “I. M. STEWPEED” below. The ‘Doraemon’ title song in Hindi played in the background. The incident came to light after some users shared screenshots of the […]