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McDonald’s outlets likely to be closed in the north and eastern India

Monday saw about 84 McDonald’s outlets being closed in both the North and the Eastern parts of the nation. The shutters have been brought down, pressurising the McDonald’s franchise partner Vikram Bakshi more than ever. The pressure to sell the Global Burger eatery is  threatening him. The Connaught Plaza Restaurants is a 50:50 venture between him and McDonald’s, which ran about 160 outlets overall. However, a fallout between the Company and  the Supply […]

Kulbhushan Jadhav granted consular access by Pak. To meet his family today.

On Monday, the Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Khwaja M Asif granted a consular access to India, in connection with Kulbhushan Jadhav, who is a former Indian Navy Officer and was sentenced to death on the charges of espionage. The Foreign Minister of Pakistan told the media that they are going to allow a meeting between Kulbhushan Jadhav and his family. His family beng his wife and his mother. He also added […]

Becoming a MacOS Sierra Pro: 10 cool things you can do with your Macbook

MacOS sierra has made its entry into the world of Mac. It has been available for everyone to use, enjoy, and customize, since 2016. The new, updated OS is available for the new MacBooks, the one’s who have had them since 2012. If you are new to MacBook or to Mac OS Sierra, you must be wondering how to make the most out of it. Being acquainted with the new […]

Everything you need to know about iPhone X

With the year 2017 ending, Apple recently brought out its tenth anniversary edition iPhone. It is the revolutionary iPhone X (pronounced iPhone ten). It is said to be the most edgy and the best iPhone ever built. The iPhone X is built for perfection. Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that the iPhone X is a leap in the world, since the launch of their original iPhone. With amazing features and […]

PMEAC and Niti Aayog claim India could become a $7 tn economy by 2030

Reports and studies by the Prime Ministers Economic Advisory Council and the Niti Aayog Members suggest that the Indian economy has the potential of becoming a $7 trillion economy in the next two decades; specifically by the year 2030. The growth rate since 2011 though lower by almost two per cent since 2011, the Members and the Council argues that all this is because of the Government’s focus on long […]

Is GST beneficial for India?

The latest and the renewed by the Government of India recently has won due accolades for the BJP and Narendra Modi, however, yet there is another black and grim reality to the situation. It has been five months since the new tax regime was implemented, yet it is a cause of hinderance for various small entrepreneurs who are looking to make a living out of their small-scale businesses. They have […]

Migration levels fall in India from Bangladesh and Pakistan: UNDESA Reports

The latest reports by the United Nations have reported that the population of Bangladeshi migrants living in India has come down to 3.1 million in the current times. Since the beginning of the year 2000 this figure has come down by 800,000 the report states. The year 2000 saw the number of Bangladeshi migrants in India at 3.9 million, which has now come down to 3.1 million in 2017. Moreover, […]

Re-polling in Gujarat Legislative Assembly elections ordered a day before results

Re-polling in Gujarat Legislative Assembly elections ordered a day before results. Just a day before when the actual results of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly Elections were to be declared, the Election Commission of India has decided to order repolling in as many as six polling booth stations. The repolling is underway in the six stations including Vadgam, Daskroi and Savli. Following is the complete list of the polling booths where […]

Rahul Gandhi takes over Congress as the new President

Rahul Gandhi takes over Congress as the new President The 47 year old Rahul Gandhi has officially taken over the Indian National Congress Party as the President. Unopposed by any of his party members he has taken the baton to lead the party. On Saturday, December 16. 2017 he received the formal certification to lead the Congress Party as the President of the same, at the AICC Headquarters in Delhi. […]

Triple Talaq criminalised on the first day of the winter session 2017

Triple Talaq criminalised on the first day of the winter session 2017 On the very first day of the Winter Session of this year by the Parliament, the Union Government of India cleared the most important Bill making Triple Talaq a criminal offence. Any Muslim man divorcing a woman through the means of “Triple Talaq” will now make him end up in a jail. It was only last month that […]