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UAE launches 10-year residency visa programme for ‘exceptional talents’

The UAE would issue long-term residency visas for up to 10 years to international investors and “exceptional talents” including professionals and students, the Cabinet has announced. The Cabinet, chaired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, adopted the new system of entry visas at a high-level meeting on Sunday. The decision is in line with the country’s position […]

Tea leaf extracts can destroy 80% of lung cancer cells

Nanoparticles derived from tea leaves can inhibit the growth of lung cancer cells, destroying up to 80% of them, a team of Indian and British scientists has found. The study, published in the journal Applied Nano Materials, outlines a new method of producing a type of nanoparticle called quantum dots. “Our research confirmed previous evidence that tea leaf extract can be a non-toxic alternative to making quantum dots using chemicals,” […]

This Gutsy IAS Officer Who Unearthed the 940-Crore Fodder Scam Is Now the New I&B Secretary!

IAS Amit Khare was appointed the new secretary of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry, as part of a major bureaucratic reshuffle involving 24 senior IAS officers by the Centre on Friday. Don’t know who this brave bureaucrat is? This IAS officer rose to the limelight after unearthing a two-decade-old Rs 940 crore fodder scam. Or as it is popularly called – The ‘Chara Ghotala’ in Bihar and Jharkhand. This is […]

‘No need to be unhappy’

“Your life situation exists in time. Your life is now,” says ECKHART TOLLE As it happens, I am extremely unhappy with my life at the moment.This is a fact, and I would be deluding myself if I tried to convince myself that all is well when it definitely isn’t.To me, the present moment is very unhappy; it is not liberating at all.What keeps me going is the hope or possibility […]


Watch Trailer of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

“It goes on forever, six bloody minutes!” whines a record producer, before Freddie Mercury’s character makes this comeback: “I pity your wife if she thinks six minutes is forever.” The six minutes they were referring to was the duration of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, widely regarded as legendary British rock band Queen’s flagship record and, even 43 years after its release, is arguably one of the greatest rock anthems of all time. […]

Swine Flu: 7 Best Home Remedies

Swine flu is a human respiratory infection arising from an influenza strain in pigs. Every year this deadly disease claims millions of lives across the globe. Irrespective of age or gender, swine flu is a disease which weakens the immune system and increases mortality risk in people. The symptoms of this infection are not very different from any other respiratory influenza. They include: FeverHeadacheCoughWeaknessBody acheDifficulty in breathingChillsSore throat Although the […]


Mother's Day: Viral Ad Honours The Mother Figures In Your Life. Watch

Mother’s Day is just a day away and most of you must be preparing to pamper your mothers on the special occasion. But on the day when we honour our moms, the mother-like figures in our lives also deserve a special mention. These are the people who take care of you like your own mother would. They could be anyone – a sister, a brother, a friend or even an […]

Knowing our spiritual spaces

What is a spiritual space? A spiritual space could be defined as the sense of oneness with this world; an urge to know the purpose of our existence; a willingness to be better in everything that we think and do as a human being. A person who progresses spiritually no more sees himself or herself just about individually but as one with the world; one having an impact in this […]

Review: Visa Wives by Radhika MB

A lucrative offer for the man of the house from a top US tech company, the sudden elevation in social status with parents’ eyes shining with pride, and colleagues and neighbours pretending to not be jealous… all this is far too tempting for the individual to worry about the legendary rigidity of US immigration law. The wife, too, easily succumbs to the lure of America and the idea of the […]

'Mahanati' review: celebration of a legend

The word feisty wouldn’t be enough to describe ‘mahanati’ Savitri. She was childlike in embracing the wonderful moments life presented her with, unafraid to live life on her terms, was generous and also reckless, drowning in a quagmire from which there was no way out. A stammering reporter, Madhuravani (Samantha), a BA gold medallist in journalism battling her own ghosts, is looking for her first big break in journalism. She […]