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What Is Bitcoin, Is It For Real Or A Bubble

Introduction:- To What Is Bitcoin Are you curious about what is Bitcoin? In today’s financial market it is one of the most spoken about financial offering. This cryptocurrency is mired in various debates about its authenticity. Is it a bubble or a mere euphoria or can you get real value in this currency? Many serious money players are wondering whether it is worthwhile investing in it. The lack of public […]

Padmavati & The Tale Of Mistaken Agenda

Clamorworld Special: Padmavati & The Tale Of Mistaken Agenda I am sure by now most of us Indians have formed an opinion about the film, Padmavati. Guess, it will be futile to delve into the details about what the films show and the potential impact on us. A ot has already been spoken across social media, newspapers and television channels. Anybody, who is somebody, has voiced a point of view […]

Bottlenecks & Challenges For Businesses In India

Clamorworld Special: Bottlenecks & Challenges For Businesses In India The GES or the Global Entrepreneur Summit 2017 in India is set to provide a fresh lease of life to the Make in India drive and entrepreneurship opportunities in the country. Perhaps that is what makes it an appropriate opportunity to truly assess the business opportunities in our country and the bottlenecks that businesses deal with. Experts see the scope of […]

No Candidate List Yet From BJP

Clamorworld Special: No Candidate List Yet From BJP The race for Gujarat elections is heating up. But even as we wait with baited breath for the hottest event this winter, something’s rather intriguing. Neither BJP or Congress have come out with their final list. Particularly, in BJP’s case, which has won 5 consecutive elections in the state, it seems like they are playing it very safe. Despite the 22 years […]

Delhi Air Pollution: The Problem Of Interpretation

Delhi Air Pollution: The Problem Of Interpretation Delhi Air pollution has reached alarming levels. The headlines in the past one week have been primarily about it. You come across all kinds of possible measures from increasing parking fees to cloud seeding to even sprinkling water from the sky and what not. Almost every year, with the onset of winter, Delhi has to tackle with this additional burden of severe smog. […]

Why It is Better To Invest In Silver This Dhanteras

Clamorwarld Exclusive:- Why It is Better To Invest In Silver This Dhanteras I am sure as you start this Dhanteras morning, you are already making plans about what to buy this evening. But the point is should you be investing in gold or silver? Is there too much difference in the kind of returns they yield? Gold is traditionally the most sought-after precious metal. But if you assess the performance […]

Gujrat Election News Latest- Gujarat Elections-A Game Of Votes: BJP Vs Congress

Gujrat Election News Latest- Gujarat Elections-A Game Of Votes: BJP Vs Congress As Gujarat gears up for the assembly elections, one of the biggest concerns seem to be which party has an upper hand? The ground realities have changed considerably from 2014 General Elections when BJP had a clean sweep in Gujarat. 2015 and 2016 had seen the rise of several caste-based issues and leaders representing the interest of select […]

Clamorworld Exclusive: The Politics Of Religion Continues This Festive Season

The Calcutta High Court has overturned Mamta Banerjee’s ban on Durga Idol immersion on Muharram. It has allowed the immersion of Durga idols till midnight on all days, starting from September 30 and including October 1, when Muharram processions are taken out. The High Court has directed the state administration to designate separate routes for immersion and Muharram processions to maintain harmony and peace in the state. Additionally, the Bench […]

Clamorworld Exclusive: The Inexplicable Secularism Conundrum

The Calcutta High Court has adjourned the Durga Puja immersion schedule. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had decided to fix timings for immersion to facilitate Tazia procession. The petitions on Durga Puja immersion schedule are in protest of that! Well, it is for the High Court to decide on that schedule but it surely raises some key questions on how we interpret secularism in this country. By granting the […]

Clamorworld Exclusive: Why India Needs To Inculcate The Sense Of Belonging

My son’s school like many other academic institutions across India are gearing up for Hindi Diwas. It is that day of the year when we suddenly remember our Hindihood, our roots, and experience a sense of belonging even if for a day!!! I suddenly thought about the innumerable instances we resort to speaking English despite knowing Hindi. Be it the restaurant owner or the friendly associate at the departmental store, […]