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Clamorworld Special: Forgotten Heroes Of India-Chapekar Brothers

Well, it is natural that we will remember Lokmanya Bal Gangagdhar Tilak as almost entire Maharashtra gets set for the 10-day Ganapati Extravaganza. But today on Clamorworld we decide to walk down memory lane celebrating and paying tribute to some of Tilak’s most celebrated followers and whom most of the nation seems to have forgotten. Well, I am talking about the Chapekar Brothers. This trio was one of Chinchwad, Pune’s […]

Clamorworld Special: Forgotten Heroes Of India- Deshbandhu

He was a rather diminutive man but such was the stature of his feats as a freedom fighter that he earned the title of Deshbandhu, a friend of the nation. Indeed Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das is one of those forgotten heroes of India’s Freedom Struggle, without whom it is difficult to conceptualise the height that this movement attained. Born in a well to do, aristocratic family, a barrister by profession with […]

Clamorworld Special: Forgotten Heroes Of India- Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy

August 2 marked the 157th birth anniversary of the grand old Entrepreneur of India but how many of us really remember. Yes, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy was born on this day in 1861 in rural Bengal. A Chemist and educationist par excellence, even the Royal Society Of Chemistry honoured his life and works. He can also be credited for kindling the fire of entrepreneurship in British ruled India. He was […]

Nifty Hits 10,000: Historical Moment For Indian Markets

It is a bull run on Dalal Street and historical moment for India’s most extensively traded exchange. The Nifty has hit the psychologically important 10,000 mark in intra-day trade. Market experts are calling this a symbolic moment and true manifestation of the deep structural changes that are being undertaken by the Government. There is a sense of elation across the investment community and even the common man can feel a sense […]

Ramnath Kovind Becomes India's 14th President- Tracing His Political Journey

It was a rather interesting phenomenon since the counting started for the Presidential elections. Almost one in every 3 people was asking who is this ‘Ramnath Kovind.’ That’s exactly how low profile this Presidential Candidate was. While many political observers termed his win and his selection as a political masterstroke by the BJP and the Modi-Shah combine, for the average people, it symbolised the victory of middle-class aspirations. Ramnath Kovind’s […]

Clamorworld Exclusive: The Tale Of The Humble Khichdi

It is a rather wet morning in Mumbai. The typical monsoon day, pitter patter rain drops and dark grey clouds creating a dusk like a hue in the middle of the day. Almost instantly we decided it is a Khichdi day. No other food really do justice t the season. Traditionally in a Bengali household, Khichdi is undeniably the comfort food for the monsoon. Whether you have it with Tomato […]

Technical Glitch Halts NSE Trade, A Big Question On The Back-up System In Place

It is a day of high drama on Dalal Street. The day when Sensex hit a new high, trading was halted by NSE for 3 hours due to a technical glitch. Traders complained about quotes not getting through almost minutes after the Sensex hit a high in opening trade. Finally, regular F&O and cash market trade resumed well past noon. What was particularly striking was the mayhem and chaos in […]

Clamorworld Exclusive: How GST Impacts Long-term Economic Efficiency?

The GST is no longer a matter of deliberation. One of the biggest economic measures in the history of the country is now a reality for all. Well as we grapple with this bittersweet experience, the question is how does it impact our economy over the longer term? The buzz around corporate circles will tell you that the digitisation of our economy at large is perhaps one of the biggest […]

Preparing For GST: What Consumers Must Keep In Mind

The GST is set to roll out from midnight June 30. A lot of column space has been devoted to its purported benefits for customers and the possible impact on industries and different businesses. Essentially as we understand it, GST is an indirect tax reform that will usher in a uniform tax paying regime. It will be a single tax that everyone from a manufacturer to a consumer will pay. […]

Sanitary Hygiene In India: The Labyrinth Of Politics, Ignorance & Economics

Suddenly media circles are rife with the need for tax-free sanitary napkins, better menstruation hygiene and what not. You hear people talking about how the lack for sanitary napkins is keeping girls away from schools and how only 12% of Indian women are using sanitary napkins. As a middle-class Indian girl brought up in a tier II city in the country and working in its commercial capital, I have quite […]