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Preparing For GST: What Consumers Must Keep In Mind

The GST is set to roll out from midnight June 30. A lot of column space has been devoted to its purported benefits for customers and the possible impact on industries and different businesses. Essentially as we understand it, GST is an indirect tax reform that will usher in a uniform tax paying regime. It will be a single tax that everyone from a manufacturer to a consumer will pay. […]

Sanitary Hygiene In India: The Labyrinth Of Politics, Ignorance & Economics

Suddenly media circles are rife with the need for tax-free sanitary napkins, better menstruation hygiene and what not. You hear people talking about how the lack for sanitary napkins is keeping girls away from schools and how only 12% of Indian women are using sanitary napkins. As a middle-class Indian girl brought up in a tier II city in the country and working in its commercial capital, I have quite […]

How To Save Your Computer From Ransomware Attack?

The recent ransomware/virus attack scare created quite a lot of fear across a cross section of internet users the world over. It even resulted in significant revenue loss for many organisations. But the point is can you safeguard your systems from these kind of virus in anyway? The good news is yes you can. Updated Software: One of the biggest reasons for these attacks is the lack of appropriate protection. […]

Clamorworld Exclusive: The Superbug- A Super Worry Or Re-calibration Of Economics

The New Delhi Superbug is one of the raging debates internationally. It further gained currency when a women in Reno, Nevada died earlier this year from this rare bacterial infection. According to the Washoe County health authorities, she picked up a variant of a germ called Klebsiella pneumoniae, probably while she was treated in India for a leg fracture and hip infection. The tests that were conducted found this bacterium […]

SC Uphelds Death Sentence In Nirbhaya Case But Does It Make Women Safer?

The Supreme Court on Friday upheld the death sentence awarded to the four accused in the horrendous Delhi Gangrape in December 2012. While the death sentence is being seen as the most appropriate punishment for the beastly crime that they had committed, my question is does it make our society any safer. Even in this case, for that matter, the most beastly of the actions were committed by the juvenile […]

Clamorworld Exclusive: The Culture Of Overwork In India

The world celebrated International Labour Day on May 1. Newspapers and television channels marked the day with special features, catchy reports and many other programs. While we all understand the importance of the day and many can even rattle out dates and facts about the International Labour organisation and its objectives, have we really grasped the whole concept, especially in the Indian context. Surpisingly while on the one hand we […]

Clamorworld Exclusive: Targetting Academic Institutions For Political Gains

The newsflow in the past few days is indicating an alarming trend. It is increasingly showing education institutions in India are no longer sacrosanct. Increasingly they are becoming the targets of vote hungry politicians keen about scoring brownie points in their constituency. Let’s see the most recent development. PTI reports flooded Twitter about how the Union Minister claimed that the Govt will upgrade 1 lakh Madrassas across the country. They […]

Is NSE Guilty Of According Preferential Treatment To Some Brokers?

India’s most actively traded exchange, the National Stock Exchange is in news for the wrong reasons. It is currently in the midst of a controversy that alleges it to be favouring some brokers over others. In the dynamic world of stock markets, where a minute’s difference could make or mar large volume trade, NSE is battling claims that allege that it often allocated specific servers to specific brokers to help […]

Kishori Amonkar Passes Away: End Of An Era In Hindustani Classical Music

She was a queen of raagas, amongst the doyens of Hindustani Classical music, the one who brought every raag and raagini to life with her intense emotional connect. Yes I am talking about the quintessential, eclectic grand dame of Classical music, Kishori Tai. Be it Raag Bhoop, Raag Hamsadhwani or the rather soulful Raag Yaman Kalyan, she was a truly enlightened the soul of Hindustani Classical music. Like someone on […]

SC Liquor Ban On Highways: Would It Make Them Safer?

In continuation of its judgement of December 15, the Supreme Court on Friday reiterated its order on banning liquor vends across national and state highways and said it is also applicable to hotels and restaurants. While the hospitality industry estimates that close to 1 million employees might lose their jobs, the question is how safe does it make our roads and would it cut down the number of accidents that […]