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Clamorworld Exclusive: Game Of Thrones Ensues In Karnataka

The Karnataka Assembly election results almost look like a game of chess with way too many pawns in one. The electorate has given a mixed verdict. No single party managed to secure a clear majority. That has only added to the high drama in the state. The parties which were bitterly contesting against each other are suddenly busy courting each other. Earlier during the campaign, the Congress referred to JD(S) […]

Clamorworld Special: Countdown To Karnataka Elections

The high voltage Karnataka election campaign is set to end today. Politicians across party lines will make that one last attempt to woo voters. Ahead of the elections on May 12, political parties are holding a series of rallies generate as much support as possible. Karnataka’s Chief Ministerial candidate from BJP B.S. Yeddyurappa and Amit Shah are part of the roadshow in Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s Badami constituency. Chief Minister […]

Clamorworld Special:Unravelling The Rural Electrification Puzzle In India

I am sure most of you have read Prime Minister Modi’s tweet. April 28 will go down as a milestone moment in India’s history. Manipur’s Leisang village became the last to be electrified. According to the Government norms, a village is considered electrified if at least 10% of its households, as well as public places such as schools, panchayat offices and health centres, have access to electricity. The electrification is […]

Why It is Not Fair To Smear Asifa’s Plight In A Religious Hue?

Over the past few weeks the commentary is turning almost hoarse on the plight of the eight year old girl, Asifa. The heinous crime committed against her is now taking a religious hue. People suddenly seem to forget the kind of torture that was meted out to an innocent eight year old. Instead a whole new angle of religious inconsistencies is being highlighted. Strangely I am reminded of the fateful […]

What can cause the current cash crunch in the country?

Many parts of India has been undergoing a so called cash crunch. Though the overall impact of crunch is fairly limited in cities like Mumbai, the ATMs in many of the rural and select urban locations are running dry. What can be the possible reasons for this? Is there really any cash crunch in the country or is the RBI regulating the cash flow? There are many theories doing the […]

CLAMORWORLD SPECIAL : Rape A Symbol Of Social Degeneration, Need To Stop Now!

Four rapes in 24 hours. Shocking, heinous, inhuman! Almost any adjective that you can use seems to fall short in describing the atrocities that have been committed. 10-year old girls, 14-year old teenagers! Do they really deserve to die the brutal death they have. Committing necrophilia soon after murdering a girl! Is it normal, is it anyway human? The question is what is wrong with men? The incidents in the […]

CLAMORWORLD SPECIAL: Trump's Sensational Tweet A Step In Right Direction?

If 140 characters can stir up a storm, then Donald Trump’s latest tweet surely take the trophy for the best. Yes, in a sensation Twitter attackagainst Pakistan, he announced, “The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the […]

CLAMORWORLD SPECIAL : Lessons From Gujarat Elections For BJP

The Gujarat election results is all about anti-climax. BJP has won majority and the question is about how many seats it has lost. Congress has lost the elections but the chat is about how many seats they have gained. Yes indeed this is the changed dynamics that BJP needs to take into consideration going forward. There are some in the political circles who use terms like anti-incumbency and pro-cumbency to […]

What Is Bitcoin, Is It For Real Or A Bubble

Introduction:- To What Is Bitcoin Are you curious about what is Bitcoin? In today’s financial market it is one of the most spoken about financial offering. This cryptocurrency is mired in various debates about its authenticity. Is it a bubble or a mere euphoria or can you get real value in this currency? Many serious money players are wondering whether it is worthwhile investing in it. The lack of public […]

Padmavati & The Tale Of Mistaken Agenda

Clamorworld Special: Padmavati & The Tale Of Mistaken Agenda I am sure by now most of us Indians have formed an opinion about the film, Padmavati. Guess, it will be futile to delve into the details about what the films show and the potential impact on us. A ot has already been spoken across social media, newspapers and television channels. Anybody, who is somebody, has voiced a point of view […]