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OROP Protests Continue: The Premature Retirement Issue

The Government has finally given its nod for OROP or the one rank one pension demand of ex-servicemen but the din is far from over. The latest storm has been stirred by the mention of the word VRS and a proposal to exclude them from the OROP scheme. The Govt tried its best to pacify the protestors over the weekend. While Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar assured that these pending issues […]

The Bihar Poll Agenda: The Development Dilemma

As the alliance frenzy and the list of innumerable promises ahead of the Bihar election heats up, I cannot help but reminisce about one basic aspect of this election. While political parties are not leaving any stone unturned in trying to woo voters, no effort is being made in addressing the real issues yet. As we have seen in the performance of the past Governments and parties ruling the state, […]

Economic Health Check: Is The Modi Government On Right Track?

The quarterly economic growth number is no doubt one of the most watched economic measures for assessing the country’s growth chart. It is one of the earliest yardsticks to gauge the effectiveness of the various policies implemented by the Govt and it was a clear signal for the Modi Government when the numbers were announced last evening. The Government is walking a tightrope on the economic front and there is […]

Of Onion Cartels & Skyrocketing Prices

With the first batch of imported Egyptian Onions entering the Indian wholesale market, Onion prices are finally breathing a sigh of relief. Wholesale prices saw a significant dip down by nearly Rs 10 per kilogram. But it is an open secret that this is only an ad hoc measure, a temporary solution and the problem is nowhere gone. It is almost the same scenario for the past couple of years. […]

How To Convert A Slump In Markets Into Profitable Investment

After the sharp fall in global markets overnight am sure many retail investors are right now sitting in deep losses or trying to cut their position by selling off the investment at whatever rate possible. Well you might be surprised but you are bracing yourself for way bigger losses going forward. Well you might ask, what is one supposed to do then in this scenario? My answer is stay calm, […]

NSA Talks Collapse: Future Of Indo-Pak Relations

In what can be considered as ominous clouds, the supposed National Security Advisor level talks between India and Pakistan scheduled for Sunday collapsed just hours before it was about to begin. Not only is it a clear indication of the inherent mistrust between the two nations but also the fact that force can’t be a way to resolve these long standing disputes. As uncertainty looms large over the future of […]

Indo-Pak NSA Talks: India Firm On No Hurriyat Stance

The fate of the soon to be held NSA talks between India and Pakistan on August 23-24 hangs in balance. It is still uncertain whether Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval would indeed meet his Pakistani counterpart, Sartaz Aziz. Though it has got no connection with the talks doing the rounds across media circles of both countries since last evening, the likelihood of these talks seem significantly reduced in the […]

One Rank One Pension: The Problem Of Implementation

One of the key highlights of Modiji’s speech on August 15 from the ramparts of the Red Fort was in what he did not mention rather than what he spoke on. Yes you guessed it right, I am speaking about the One Rank One Pension issue. An election agenda for both BJP and the Congress last year, it unfortunately continues to gather dust in files travelling between the various offices […]

Freedom Of Press In India: The Shocking Reality

It is the Independence Day weekend and quite naturally the I-day spirit is everywhere. From freedom to choose discount offers to freedom to sleep, almost every conceivable form of freedom is on offer right now. I decided to take this opportunity to assess the state of freedom of press in our country. As an Indian I have always been immensely proud of the constitutional encouragement that Press gets in the […]

The Adil-Anderson Connection: India’s Loss, A Gandhi-Family Friend’s Gain?

  For most of the post-1980 generation in India, Adil Shahryar is a name that they are not even aware of or ever heard but the question then is why did this name create such a stir in the Parliament and why did it become the Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi’s red faced moment in the Parliament. With Sushma Swaraj hinting at the alleged quid pro quo by the then […]