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Ayurveda for Hair Fall: 10 Ayurveda Tips to Reduce Hair Fall


Losing hair often ? Whatever therapy you could be trying, all you need is to put in little effort and take care of your diet and lifestyle. And believe me, this could be all you need.

Follow some simple Ayurveda recommendations so as to stay clear of  the malady of hair fall.

1.Try and avoid mental stress as much as possible. It is one of the basic causes of hair-fall.

2.Daily practice of meditation and breathing exercises tend to calm and soothe the nerves of the brain and scalp. This improves the blood circulation and strengthens hair roots, thus preventing hair-fall.

3.Your diet should be well nourished with a good amount of protein like soy products and sprouts, natural fiber, ample supplement of vitamins and minerals and milk products, some butter and cow’s ghee.

4.Increase your daily water intake so as to wash away the accumulated toxins in the body.

5.A sound sleep for seven hours is a must.

6.Try avoiding suppression of the natural urges of urine, stool and flatus, as it tends to aggravate the malady of hair-fall.

7.Constipated bowels need to be eased with intake of mild laxative.

8.High salt and sour food intake should be restricted as this reasons hair-fall.

9.Excessive washing of the hair, treating the hair with hot water and using more of synthetic shampoos and conditioners prove harmful for the hair resulting in hair-fall.

10.Hair-fall during seasonal transition and during advancing years needs not be considered as a matter of serious concern.

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