Baahubali trailer: And then the saviour came along


The much-awaited trailer of SS Rajamouli’s new film, Baahubali, is a spectacle to behold. Among other things, the film’s artworks are out of this world, and add oodles of visual finesse to it. The trailer opens to a magnificent palace on top of a hill: The high columns and gigantic statues of kings gives a hint that the film could be about court intrigues and dangerous manoeuvres.

From the palace, we are taken to a rugged countryside, and are given glimpses of a woman in chains, held prisoner within the ramparts of a fort. She appears to be woman of stature.

Cut to another world – of verdant hills and gorgeous waterfalls. Sitting relaxed on a rock is a dhoti-clad turbaned young lad, who is being admonished by his mother (or aunt) about not venturing to mountain tops for fear of ghosts. The boy couldn’t care less though.

We are finally introduced to Baahubali – a young man attempting to climb the steep mountains adjoining mighty waterfalls. The daredevil challenges the limits of his strength and endurance – balancing precariously from high cliffs. We get it that Baahubali is a fearless soul who has in him to jump into gurgling waters of rampaging rivers.

In all this, we are also given a glimpse of his lady love – Avanthika (played by Tamannah Bhatia). The willowy woman-in-white in an angavastram is an enigma though.

An idyll can’t last for long – we get a glimpse into the oppressive world of Bhallala Deva – prisoners in chains, raging bulls, wars, deaths and a king (Sivudu) wrongly killed long back. But a saviour is around – Baahubali. Here’s waiting for Amarendra Baahubali!

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