Bamboo tower to harness drinking water from air


London: An Italian firm is developing an off-grid bamboo tower that could efficiently harness safe drinking water from thin air without the need of expensive infrastructure.

The tower called ‘Warka Water’ could collect an annual average of up to 100 litres of water per day, the firm said. The tower, once completed, will rise to a height of 10 metres, weigh 60 kg and be secured to the ground with eight guide ropes.

It consists of a lightweight woven bamboo structure, while an inner plastic mesh retains water droplets from passing fog, which fall into a collector and a large tank.

Any rainwater and overnight dew also collects in the tank, Gizmag reported.

The tower will sport a canopy that offers shade to people drawing the collected water, and a series of rotating mirrors which the firm Architecture and Vision says will be sufficient to keep birds away.

No electricity is required for any part of the passive water-harnessing process, and the the bamboo structure will take six people four days to construct.

“It is first and foremost an architecture project. WW should not be considered as the solution to all water problems in developing countries but rather as a tool that can provide clean water in selected areas,” the firm said.

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