Barack Obama to Modi- Cherish Muslim population

Barack Obama to Modi- Cherish Muslim population

Barack Obama to Modi- Cherish Muslim population

In a recent event in India, former US President Barack Obama said that the Indians  should nourish and focus on the cultivation of the Muslim population in India. That India should not be divided on religious and cultural lines. Barack Obama also said that the Indian Government does recognise the importance of the unity in India.

There is a need for religious tolerance in the word, especially in India and also pointed out that people should have the right to practise their own faith. He drew attention to the fact as he said that he had spoken to Narendra Modi on this quite a few times when he was the President back in 2016.

Media pointed out if the comments were directly pointed at Narendra Modi, to which Barack Obama said no. he said the message is for all of us. He added that he has said this to Modi in private and also preached the same message in public in both the US and the European countries. There is a lot of migration that is going on, all over the world because of which people have started looking at everything differently. There seems to be a clash of culture

Obama also said that he would not reveal his private conversations with Narendra Modi. he thinks Modi’s impulses are to recognise the importance of unity in India. He firmly believes in that. He also added that it is important for each and every one of us to work on this.

When it came to his equation with Narendra Modi, Barack Obama said that he likes him, and his vision. His vision for India is implementation and modernisation of various elements of bureaucracy. He further said that he is good friends with Dr. Manmohan Singh as well. Singh has taken many steps to modernise the Indian economy.

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