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Be the Bitch: Actor Shruti Haasan redefines the abusive word in this powerful video

The bitch, Shruti says, is the woman who stands up against the system.

In Blush channel’s latest, Shruti Haasan reclaims the word ‘bitch’ in a powerful, self-written script.

‘Bitch’ is a casual abuse thrown at women for a wide range of things: being assertive about their identity, wearing their choice of clothes, having opinions…just about anything and everything.

In this short video, Shruti tears into these biases that are used to put women in their place aka “the backseat of the slow moving train” in people’s brains where time has stood still, as far as gender equality is concerned. The lines are smart (a bitch is a woman who isn’t your cup of tea because she refuses to pour it!), in-your-face and yet poetic.

Shruti redefines the ‘bitch’ and wears the label herself. The video shows the actor getting ready for the day, brushing, taking a shower, going about her work and returning to her own self, when the cameras are turned off.

Given that not many female actors in the South Indian industry are vocal about their gender identity or the abuse they face in the industry or outside of it, Shruti’s voice is one that needs to be heard.


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