Becoming a MacOS Sierra Pro: 10 cool things you can do with your Macbook


MacOS sierra has made its entry into the world of Mac. It has been available for everyone to use, enjoy, and customize, since 2016. The new, updated OS is available for the new MacBooks, the one’s who have had them since 2012.

If you are new to MacBook or to Mac OS Sierra, you must be wondering how to make the most out of it. Being acquainted with the new OS will be necessary for the ease and feasibility that MacBooks are known for. Here is a list of 10 cool and handy things that can help you achieve the versatility that MacBooks are known for-

You can talk to Siri

Siri, your digital assistant, can be chatty on your new Mac OS Sierra. It is going to work for you, more or less like your iPhone, but with some extra commands. You can ask Siri to show you your saved documents, or just ask how much space does your MacBook have? By default, Siri stays on the right side of your menu bar, where you can access it easily.

Copy-Pasting made easy-
Just like Mac OS X, Mac OS Sierra has a new and improved feature of a universal clipboard. You can enjoy copy-pasting in an enhanced form. You can now, copy things from your phone to your Macbook, and vice-versa. This can be quickly done if you are using the same Apple IDs on both the machines. No other steps are required to be taken up by you to this. Your copy paste commands will run seamlessly on your MacBook and your iPhone.

Arrange and rearrange your menu bar-

You can customize your Macbook Menu bar, the way you like. You can move your icons around and even add new ones, with the help of Mac OS Sierra. You would want to hold down the “command” key on your keyboard, and drag the icon you wish to move . By default, the date and time are displayed on the right side just before the spotlight search. You can move them, and other icons to suit your convenience.

Revamped conversations with messages-

The improved messaging experience in the Mac OS Sierra can help you enhance your communications. This can be achieved with the help of larger emojis, quicker reactions, and rich link-building in the message window. The tapback features and other will surely modify the way you connect with people, for good!

You can connect your MacBook with your Apple watch-

With the infusion of exclusive features, Mac OS Sierra lets your MacBook be connected to your Apple watch. This will save you significant troubles of you trying to log on to your machine, every time you want to access it. You would be spared of all the password dilemmas. You can use your Macbook and access the ‘security and privacy’ section. You can find it through the ‘system preference’. You would now want to connect the Apple watch, your iPhone, and your laptop, and you are good to go!

Enhanced sharing across iCloud-

If you are looking to work together with someone, on a project then this one is for you. You can now, easily share your notes and other details with your partner/colleague, or anyone, through iClouds. You would just want to add the people to your notes. You can share these notes by clicking on the ‘add people’ icon (the one with a portrait and a plus sign) in your notes. You can find it in the top corner, and then simply enter their Apple ID. This is it. It is that simple! You and your collaborator can now work together on a project, without any distractions, from the comforts of your respective home.

Optimum utilization of space-

Many people struggle with the lack of free space on their MacBooks, continually fighting for it. With the new Mac OS Sierra, this would not be an issue for these fighters. Everything can be continued smoothly. In the latest Mac OS Sierra, you can simply shift some files from your machine to your iCloud storage. You could also delete them if you do not want them. For this, you should click on the “apple” icon on the top left corner of your screen. Then, click on “About this Mac” and then open the “storage” tab. In the “storage” tab, you should click on “manage” and you are free to customize your Macbook space.

Better productivity with your desktop and iCloud combined-
Apple has been known to make minor feature changes, every once in a while. These changes at can alter the way you prospectively look forward to using your Macbooks. With the new Mac OS Sierra, you can open up the iCloud storage from your system preferences. Through this, you can combine/sync everything together from your desktop/documents to your iCloud storage with ease.

Hottest new feature “Hot Corners”-

You can customize the four corners of your MacBook to trigger new options and responses. You can start/disable your screensavers in one corner, or you can open mission control from another one. You can also customize it to show your desktop, dashboard, notification center, and can quickly put your mac to sleep. You can find this setting in the screensaver settings of your MacBook (system preferences- desktop and screensavers- screen saver tab).

Switch to tabs in your Apps too-

Yes! You can finally do it. You can finally switch tabs in your applications, other than just Safari. You can handle the versatility of your Macbook apps to make the most out of your Mac OS Sierra experience. You can choose to go browser style, whenever you want.

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