Beef ban retaliation: Probe reveals larger game plan


The investigation that is being conducted into an incident in which a cop was stabbed by a youth protesting the beef ban is revealing more startling details. The incident occurred at Yavatmal in Maharashtra last month and the youth while stabbing the cop said, “your government bans beef, now take this.”


The police have found that this incident was meant to set a trend and expected to spread through out the country. Moreover, the Intelligence Bureau has now found that several radical elements would try and spread a reign of terror in a bid to cause communal tension.


The IB is keeping a close watch on all social media accounts from where the problem could generate. There have been calls made by elements sympathetic to towards the Indian Mujahideen and Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) who have been making calls to desecrate places of religious worship and also Hindu institutes in a bid to cause communal tension.

In addition to this the IB has also found that such campaigns are being planned in Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar, Maharashtra and also Punjab. There seems to be a shift in the pattern of working by these groups. While IM and SIMI relied on bomb blasts in the past, this time around they want to spread terror through communal tension.

They will make all attempts to provoke the people and ensure that a Punjab like situation is created in all parts of the country, the officer with the IB also informed. In Punjab, owing to a burning of religious scriptures there were widespread protests leading to a lathi charge by the police which brought several parts of the state to a stand still. IM and SIMI are aware if there are such incidents there is bound to be police excesses. Victims of police excesses are more likely to fight back against the establishment and this makes recruitment a breeze.

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