Benefits Of Yoga In Our Daily Life


Ahead of the World Yoga Day on June 21, on Clamorworld we have taken up the initiative to bring in a week of Yoga Awareness. In this series we will talk about the many facets of Yoga, its benefits, the reason why it is more of a way of living rather than a simple weight loss regime. The core purpose of our initiative is to break the many myths around yoga, improve awareness and help more of our readers to enjoy this life altering yogic experience.

When we talk about Yoga and its benefits, I want you to understand that the essential purpose of yoga is not just watching your weight. It essentially works towards improving your overall body function and bringing your all round development.

A little of yoga everyday can go a long way in relieving stress for you. It helps your body tackle  stress that is accumulated on a daily basis and rejuvenates your body and mind. The various yoga postures, the pranayam and the meditation schedules help in releasing stress from the body and cleanse it off the negative impact of stress and its related ills.

This de-stressing episode also results in bringing about better and heightened inner peace. Perhaps it does not register on a daily basis but the overall impact of yoga can be quite soothing and can often lend an individual a inner glow that is hard to replicate even by the most expensive creams and beauty treatment. The relative level of inner peace also calms you down and improves your inter-personal relations. In many ways it also helps improve your professional performance as well.

Another lesser known fact about Yoga is the healing power it has. Here I do not just refer to the external pain or joint aches but also to the core of our system, the body’s immune system. Regular yoga empowers our immune system to work in sync with our body and ensure that it is able to throw out the toxins and the germs efficiently. Also as they say a healthy mind resides only in a healthy body and vice versa. Hence the healing power of yoga transcends from mere physical ailment to a comprehensive sense of wellness transcending physical, mental boundaries and touching the very soul of our system.

Therefore let us all say ‘Om Yoga’ and join in the festival of wellness, of good health!

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