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Bihar Exit Polls: Will It Be A Hung Parliament?


It was the greatest ever voter turnout in Bihar as the state drew curtains on the mega 5 phased Legislative Assembly Polls. For three months now, hectic seat haggling, number crunching, breaking and making alliances was the order of the day and now all that has come to an end as the final phases of polling wrapped up yesterday.

But hang on, ‘the drama ain’t over yet in this bitterly contested election with a record turnout of 57%!’ In what promises to be a suspense thriller, most exit polls indicate a photo finish on Sunday. Only one of the 6 exit polls conducted thus far have predicted of a clear majority and BJP victory. Rest all are predicting a very tight contest and just a couple see some edge for Nitish Kumar’s Mahagathbandhan.

The exit poll conducted by News 24-Chanakya expect the BJP and its allies to garner around 155 seats in the 243-seat House and predict a meagre 83 for the Grand Alliance between Congress, JD(U) and RJD or the Mahagathbandhan

According to The News X-CNX poll, predicted a 130-140 seat win for the Mahagathbandhan while the ABP News Survey sees the Grand Alliance garnering 130 seats. Both C-Voter with a prediction of 112-132 seats for the Mahagathbandhan and NewsNation with expectation of the Grand Alliance garnering 120-124 seats indicate a slight edge for Nitish Kumar.


However their worry and the BJP’s only hope continues to be Chanakya Prediction. Given the long history of hitting bull’s eye in terms of seat predictions and the gold standards of their exit polls, one is wont to believe that a big variation is their seat prediction is unlikely.


While many are calling it a tight contest, BJP, JD(U) and other leaders are making appropriate noises about potential outcome, this election if anything, clearly shows the public mandate in favour of constructive and meaningful policy execution. BJP had badlaav as their party slogan, will they be able to bring it? JD(U) is rejoicing the apparent lack of anti-incumbency factor, would they have the last laugh?


Well it’s counting day that we need to wait for. Keep watching this space for the most relevant, updated and fastest turnaround of counting news on Sunday, November 8.


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