Boy with no footwear but a large umbrella,with a big heart for people in Mumbai rain.



A Real story ,that happened with me

In heavy rains that has engulfed and soaked many people staying in city of Mumbai,all of us for sure wrap a layer of plastic protection ,be it rain coat or umbrellas
Isn’t it?

Now an interesting and a very heart touching story is yet to to be told,as it played infront of my eyes,few days ago

Place is vile parle station,west side

Time is 8 pm,a time when we see a mass exodus of office goers tired from workload and students weary out of the whole day’s fun and bunking of classes

Well my day was a mix of both of the above categories

And then I saw!!!
Under parle flyover, a little boy of around 8 or 10 years of age,standing barefoot holding an umbrella triple his size

He seemed to be lost or so was my inference

Out of Indian inquisitiveness n friendliness that we genetically inherit,I called him aside and asked him if everything was fine

And I was hoping to be his savior but turns out he was going to illuminate my life

This little boy,living in the railway tracks of parle,was going to show me
That Humanity is not in running bigger NGOs ,but in a lovely act of help,innocently

And His story in his words

“My name is Mani, didi.
I stay in railway tracks of parle,you can come anytime to our home
I once was walking over with a small umbrella when an uncle asked me if he could walk with me,as he had no umbrella.

This set me thinking,and I sat near parle station’s entrance and counted no.of people who had forgotten or didn’t have an umbrella.

And didi!,there were so many-!!!!!!!

My mom who works in a construction company was given an umbrella to be used as a roof for our home,but I convinced her otherwise.

Now I stand daily near station and help anyone who needs an umbrella

And that’s why I took this jumbo one,so that they don’t get wet in rains,as long as they are with me!!!

And when I heard him talk,with innocence dancing in his eyes and lips curved in most beautiful childlike smile,I dropped on my knees and hugged him tight.

“So do you charge money?,because I would like to gift you sandwich,dosa or anything you want today. “Said I,shaken and moved beyond measures

“No no no didi ,No maaaneey.”Said our little madrasi in crisp south Indian tone,which was endearing

“I,just take chai or any amount that uncle aunty feel like.”

And yes that was true,because in span of 30 mins that I spent with him,he did not accept a single penny from me(because I had a coat,and thus not utilizing his services,according to our mani! )

Little kid but a massive thought
No footwear but a large umbrella,for others
An idea for service,and lovingly put to execution,

What an amazing meeting and what a lovely soul!

He taught me so much with his simple yet excruciatingly difficult task of service to others.

His age is of playing but this is his intent,for you,and me,or anyone who is lucky enough to get under his big,jumbo blue umbrella

And as I have said before,this is another chapter of ‪#‎MumbaiDiaries‬

Do pass it on if you like it,and when you see him next time,do spare time to step out of YOUR life and spare a minute looking at others,and a penny for mani’ s fav tea

 Story as shared on Ashlesha BJ on her facebook time line.

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