Call For Fun trailer: Janak Toprani’s screwball comedy is high on misadventures

Veteran theatre director Janak Toprani’s screwball comedy, Call For Fun sees a bunch of “millennials” stumbling through life and ultimately emerging victorious.

Starring Zaan Khan, Aashish Gade, Charu Asopa, Shubhangi Mehrotra, Prasad Shikhare, the film’s story revolves around a young man who takes over his father’s business.

Yash (played by Khan) must handle his family business while his father is away. He fares well initially. However, due to unforeseeable events, he lands in trouble, which involves threats from the local mafia and business losses.

It is evident from the trailer that for this bunch of uninhibited, adventurous group of individuals, speed is the need of the hour. The trailer shows the group running an adult call centre of sorts which has many patrons — from the local hawker to the bigwig corporate — business is basically booming for the gang.

However, their happiness is short-lived as they get into an accident which also involves the mafia. The don wants the gang to pay for the losses incurred. Just then, someone suggests opening another adult hotline for women, which means more misadventures.

Produced by Hardik Patel and Film Quest Entertainment, Call For Fun hits the theaters on 6 October.

Watch the trailer here

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