Can YOU pass the intelligence test that’s sweeping Facebook? New YouTube maths challenge claims to separate the fake brains from the REAL geniuses


Intelligence test viewed 3m times is easy to cheat on, says YouTuber
Maths whizz Presh Talwalker created another test that catches fakes out
Using x + y = (x – y) (x + y), the new test asks the solution to ?+? = 123

A teasingly tricky maths challenge that claims to separate the real boffins from those who just claim to know the answers is sweeping Facebook.
Some three million people have already taken the tricky ‘Intelligence Test’ which carries a ‘share if you understand’ tag on it.
Unsurprisingly, a shed-load of people have shared it, keen to show that they have an IQ of more than 150, apparently what you need to be able to understand it.

However, one doubting brainbox has devised a ‘test for a test’ to see if those who are sharing the solution to the problem really do know their stuff.
YouTuber Presh Talwalker created something which needs the same logic from the test to be applied to another piece of maths to get a correct answer.
Talwalker says of the new test: ‘If you understand the rule you should be able to solve this problem.’
Based on the intelligence test rule: x + y = (x – y) (x + y) and using the pattern below to help you, work out how ?+? = 123
6 + 4 = 210
9 + 2 = 711
8 + 5 = 313
5 + 2 = 37
7 + 6 = 113
9 + 8 = 117
10 + 6 = 416
15 + 3 = 1218
















Clear as mud? The pattern above should help you to work out the solution

If you split the answer of 123 in two: you get two numbers 1 and 23
To work back to what the numbers in question are, you need to work out two numbers where the second subtracted from the first makes 1 and also both added together makes 23.
YouTuber Talwalker has written a formula for the ?+? part, calling the first number in question x and the second number y.
Using these and the numbers 1 and 23 split out of the answer delivers:
x – y = 1
x + y = 23
This corresponds to:
12 – 11 = 1
12 + 11 = 23
Write you them together and you get 123, as in the brainteaser question which is written 12 + 11 = 123
Are you still with us? Then congratulations, you’re a genuine boffin…


Still with us? Here's the  algebraic version of Presh Talwalker's puzzle

n the Youtuber’s slide above, the top line shows how the brainteaser question is written…but be careful, don’t mistake this for an actual equation where you do the sum.
Below this a formula showing some of the working on how to get back from 123 to what the two question mark numbers are.
The formula calls the first number in question x and the second y.
If you know how the brainteaser question works, you will know that you need to work out two numbers where the second subtracted from the first makes the first number in the answer (in this case 1) and both added together makes the second number in the answer (in this case 23).
So, in this instance:
x – y = 1
x + y = 23
We can add these two together, which would be written out like this (x-y)+(x+y)=24
In this equation we have 2x (a positive x plus a positive x) and no y (a negative y plus a positive y), so:
That means that x is 12, so using the first formula:
That means that y is 11.
Write these numbers in the style of the brainteaser and you get 12+11=123

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