Canada orders extradition to India over bride killing


The mother and uncle of a Canadian woman killed 14 years ago have been ordered extradited to India in stand trial in her alleged “honour killing”.

Malkit Kaur Sidhu and Surjit Singh Badesha are accused of ordering the murder after Jaswinder Sidhu, 25, married a rickshaw driver.

She was killed in Punjab in June 2000 after she travelled there to reunite with her husband.

The family has denied involvement in Sidhu’s death and may appeal.

Several people have already been convicted of the killing in India.

‘Campaign of terror’

Her mother and uncle were arrested in 2012 on charges of conspiracy to commit murder.

On Friday, British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Gregory Fitch ordered the two to be extradited to India to faces charges there.

Jaswinder Sidhu secretly married Mithu Sidhu instead of the wealthy, older man her family reportedly preferred.

She fled to India to reunite with her husband a few months after her family learned of the marriage.

Soon after, the couple were attacked while on a motor scooter – he was beaten and she was killed.

Prosecutors alleged Mr Badesha had made hundreds of calls to the men eventually convicted of the murder, first starting after her marriage became public,according to the Vancouver Sun.

Lawyers for the pair admitted the family was upset with the marriage, but that it did not prove they killed Jaswinder.

They will remain in Canadian custody until the extradition but may appeal.

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