Canada PM Trudeau to create history by marching in gay pride parade


Justin Trudeau will become the first Canadian Prime Minister ever to take part in a pride parade organised by the LGBT community in Toronto.

“This year’s Parade will make Canadian history, with Justin Trudeau participating as the first ever sitting Prime Minister to march,” Pride Toronto said in a statement on Monday.

Trudeau, responding to Pride Toronto’s announcement on social media, tweeted saying “Very much look forward to being there again, this time as PM.”

Trudeau is expected to march in the 36th edition of annual pride parade on July 3.

“[It’s] big news in Canada but big news around the world,” Pride Toronto’s executive director Mathieu Chantelois told BuzzFeed Canada.

“Not only because he is probably the sexiest politician alive but also because there has never been a leader of a country to walk in a parade, at least not that we know of,” he said.

Pride Toronto, the official organisers, are introducing ‘Pride Month’ which will begin on June 1 with “its inaugural city proclamation and the raising of the Rainbow flag at Toronto City Hall” in June and will culminate with the parade.

Organisers said the campaign for Canada’s first-ever Pride Month will also feature Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and partner Jane Rounthewaite and Toronto Mayor John Tory who will participate this year.

Trudeau has gained popularity for his off-beat approach in various policy matters. His “because it’s 2015” retort to a question about his half-female cabinet had gone viral worldwide with many public figures applauding the response.

His stance on the ongoing migrant crisis, when he openly welcomed refugees from Syria, amidst a relatively cold response from other Western nations has also added to his image as a ‘new age leader’. Photos of Trudeau welcoming a refugee family from Syria at the airport with warm clothing were shared widely on various social media platforms.

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