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ANOKHI MEDIA, North America’s leading South Asian entertainment & lifestyle media and events company is very pleased to announce the third group of personalities that will be attending the 15th anniversary event on November 3rd, 2018 at the Sheraton Centre Toronto, a milestone being marked by the EMPOWER ME Campaign in support of the not-for-profit organization, Free-Them. In commemoration of ANOKHI MEDIA’s 15-year milestone, the company is thrilled to announce […]


Watch: India’s wildlife anthem Mere Desh Ki Zameen, a tribute to India’s wildlife

Senior Journalist Shekhar Gupta took it to Twitter and shared national biodiversity anthem #MereDeshKiZameen. Sharing the song, Shekhar Gupta said that so many talented people have created #MereDeshKiZameen, the new generation’s ‘mile sur mera tumhara …’ India’s wildlife anthem Mere Desh Ki Zameen is a tribute to India’s wildlife, flora and fauna. Melodiously developed, Mere Desh Ki Zameen takes you to a beautiful compilation of India’s wildlife, the landscapes, the […]

"The Night of Broken Glass" review: Riveting stories on violence in Kashmir

In October of 1947, the Maharaja of Kashmir, whose forces had been defeated by an angry Pashtun militia, had no choice but to turn to India for help. India, who had become her own country but a few months ago, accepted, but only under the condition that the Maharaja accedes to India. And thus, Jammu and Kashmir became a part of India. This (and two more paragraphs from my standard […]


This pianist playing the National Anthem has gone viral

This year India will be celebrating the 72nd Independence Day. Recently, a piano presentation of the anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ played by Mumbai-based pianist Shayan Italia went viral. The video, which was posted on July 29, has managed to garner quite some attention online and at present has over 72 million views. The video features Italia playing the piano that was gifted to him by his mother as a goodbye […]


Kishore Kumar’s 89th birth anniversary: Few unknown facts about the legendary singer

The multi-faceted personality Kishore Kumar, who was not just a singer but a superb actor too. The legend will always be remembered for series of his hit classical tracks including Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi, Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhaagi Si, Koi Humdum Na Raha, Chedo na Meri Zulfen and others. Apart from singing, Kishore Kumar also made his mark in the Hindi cinema by giving many hit films including Chalti Ka […]


Google Doodle honours Meena Kumari on her 85th birth anniversary

The beautiful face and expressive eyes of Meena Kumari have been captured in a Google doodle devoted to the late legendary actress Meena Kumari for her 85th birth anniversary on Wednesday. “As shown in the doodle, Meena Kumari captivated audiences with her beautiful, expressive eyes,” according to the official Google Doodle page. She portrayed strong yet vulnerable women who made their own way through life, although they were often devastated […]

Wondering what life in North Korea is like? Read these 4 books to find out

We love books. But no matter how much we read, there are always dusty shelves and stories — real or fictional — that we still haven’t opened our eyes to. So every month, we’ll write about a topic, an author, or a series that catches our attention. Whether it is James Bond or Scandinavian noir, the idea is to celebrate best-sellers across the world and discover more about the unknown […]

Review: Chandni Begum by Qurratulain Hyder

Chandni Begum was Qurratulain Hyder’s last novel. Written in 1989, almost two decades before her demise, it centres around the lives of two aristocratic families living across the Gomti river in Lucknow and a controversial estate with a mosque and a temple in its compound. As the story unfolds over a period of four decades or so and across generations, not quite a long period compared to Hyder’s earlier works, […]

Review: Visa Wives by Radhika MB

A lucrative offer for the man of the house from a top US tech company, the sudden elevation in social status with parents’ eyes shining with pride, and colleagues and neighbours pretending to not be jealous… all this is far too tempting for the individual to worry about the legendary rigidity of US immigration law. The wife, too, easily succumbs to the lure of America and the idea of the […]

Review: Indian Instincts: Essays on Freedom and Equality in India by Miniya Chatterji

If you were to do a PET scan of my brain right now, you’d see a chaos of colours. That’s because I’ve just finished reading Indian Instincts: Essays on Freedom and Equality in India by Miniya Chatterji, and the way the author has analysed the issues that make every generation of Indian sputter and fume, comprehensively and coherently using history, philosophy, current affairs, world affairs and her own observations, has […]