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Thrills of the frost fair: Fascinating paintings and memorabilia show how Londoners celebrated when the River Thames froze over

River Thames in London froze at least 23 times between 1309 and 1814, with first recorded frost fair in 1608 Period from mid-14th to 19th century in Europe is referred to as the ‘Little Ice Age’ due to severity of the climate Unlicensed gambling, drinking and dancing were held at fairs, along with stalls, skittle alleys and fairground rides Souvenirs and personalised keepsakes also available for a few pennies, with […]

Think YOUR hair is high maintenance? Not compared to these gravity-defying styles from Sixties Nigeria

J.D. Ojeikere took over 1,000 photographs of women’s hair Captured the intricate hairstyles at events throughout 60s and 70s He calls the looks he documented ‘sculptures for a day’ Celebrities and entertainers who style their hair in attention-grabbing ways (think Lady Gaga’s plaited cone or Nicki Minaj’s towering bouffant) are often lauded for their originality. But intricate hairstyles are far from being a contemporary development – as J.D. Okhai Ojeikere’s […]

Sleeping beauties: Photographer captures heartwarming pictures of newborn babies who have just entered the world

Alicia Gould takes portraits of babies as young as three days old The 32-year-old says she enjoys the ‘simplicity’ of newborn photography For many new parents, the sight of their newborn peacefully asleep is one to behold – a moment to savour and a short respite from constant rounds of feeds and nappy changing. Dispelling the myth that sleep is an alien concept to newborns, New Jersey photographer Alicia Gould […]

Photographers: Scott Linstead

“Scott Linstead is an internationally published, freelance wildlife photographer/writer. His clients include Natural History Magazine, Hewlett Packard, Ranger Rick Magazine and a number of wildlife publications in North America and Europe. Scott’s column on the techniques of bird photography appears in every issue of Outdoor Photography Canada”. A veiled chameleon extends its tongue to catch a cricket. Canadian wildlife photographer Scott Linstead, formerly an aerospace engineer and high school teacher, […]


Amazing child artist earns £1.5million

Kieron Williamson (born 4 August 2002) is a watercolour artist from Holt, Norfolk in England. His paintings and ability by the age of six have caused considerable interest in the UK media and are notable for his advanced use of perspective and shading. He has been described as a prodigy,and at his second exhibition in 2009, his paintings sold out in 14 minutes, raising a total of £18,200 for 16 […]

Schoolboy dubbed 'Mini Monet' sees his earnings soar to £1.5million after his latest 23 works sell for £240,000 in under half an hour

Kieron Williamson, 10, has seen his lifetime earnings soar to nearly £1.5m The talented artist sold 23 of his paintings for a total of £242,095 last Friday Another sale will be held this Friday – with his artwork likely to sell in minutes A 10-year-old art genius is set to see his lifetime earnings soar to nearly £1.5million after selling his latest collection of paintings for more than £240,000. Schoolboy […]

Indian pie in Oscar winning Life of Pi

New Delhi: When ‘Life of Pi’ hogged the limelight at the Oscars, India too made its presence felt and got a slice of credit. The film based on adventure novel about an Indian boy, who survives a shipwreck but is stranded in a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger, has many Indian connections, other than Indian cast and Indian music vocalist who wrote Tamil song for the movie, plus the fact that […]

Aamir Khan blames patriarchal mindset for gender inequality

Amir Khan who interacted with students at a girl’s college with visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron in the national capital, said most of the queries from the young women were related to the low status of women in society and how they can best use their education. “The patriarchal thinking is to blame for the status of women in society. We are all born with it. The feeling that […]