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Why It is Not Fair To Smear Asifa’s Plight In A Religious Hue?

Over the past few weeks the commentary is turning almost hoarse on the plight of the eight year old girl, Asifa. The heinous crime committed against her is now taking a religious hue. People suddenly seem to forget the kind of torture that was meted out to an innocent eight year old. Instead a whole new angle of religious inconsistencies is being highlighted. Strangely I am reminded of the fateful […]

Why this India priest carried an 'untouchable' into a temple

A Hindu priest from a temple in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad made headlines for carrying a Dalit (formerly known as untouchable) man on his shoulders into the temple’s inner sanctum. It has been seen as a dramatic move because Dalits have historically been denied entry into temples as they are considered “impure” by many conservative Hindus. Even today, most temples in India do not allow Dalits to enter. […]

48 MPs, MLAs have cases of crime against women, says rights body

At least 48 MPs and MLAs have declared cases related to crime against women, with BJP having the highest number of such politicans at 12, a report said on Thursday amid a nation-wide outrage over rape incidents, including UP’s Unnao where a ruling party lawmaker is an accused. “Out of 1,580 (33 per cent) MPs/MLAs analysed with declared criminal cases, 48 have declared cases related to crime against women,” as […]

What can cause the current cash crunch in the country?

Many parts of India has been undergoing a so called cash crunch. Though the overall impact of crunch is fairly limited in cities like Mumbai, the ATMs in many of the rural and select urban locations are running dry. What can be the possible reasons for this? Is there really any cash crunch in the country or is the RBI regulating the cash flow? There are many theories doing the […]

I was wrong. Too much technology is ruining lives

Just four years ago I was a cheerleader. Social media was supposed to be the great hope for democracy. I know because I told the world so. I said in 2014 that no one could predict where this revolution would take us. My conclusion was dusted with optimism: a better connected human race would find a way to better itself. I was only half right: nobody could indeed have predicted […]

Fake News Alert: Top lies about Kathua rape-murder spread on WhatsApp busted

We are entitled to our opinions, not our facts. Sadly, since the horrific Kathua gang-rape has unravelled, vile opinions have been masquerading as ‘facts’ to change the narrative. As usual, the battle has reached social media where WhatsApp and other mediums are being used to fuel conspiracy theories which seek to somehow justify the rape-murder or give it a different angle. Here are two different sets of WhatsApp rumours that […]

RIP Humanity: Renuka Shahane’s Compelling Post on Kathua Rape Is a Must-Read

In the aftermath of the brutal gang rape and murder of an 8-year-old child in Kashmir, several prominent public figures took to social media in outrage, to condemn the act. Among them was actor Renuka Shahane, whose heartfelt Facebook post looked into how the act of rape signifies a loss of humanity. What makes her post different from countless others? She cuts to chase. She identifies that sexual violence is […]

The Essence of Women:: A girl child

God has made all things bright and beautiful. And we humans should understand this fact and must create mature connections with the world. “A home without a daughter is like a body without soul.” Because, the birth of the daughter in the house is compared to the goddess lakshmi. A girl child epitomizes affection, love, warmth and concern. The above thing is believed by only a handful of people in […]


World Water Day: A positive message amidst a daunting global crisis

In 1995, former World Bank Vice-President Ismail Serageldin had famously claimed that ‘the wars of the next century will be fought over water’ – a statement that has been quoted often since. As global population grows, there is an increasing need to balance our consolidated demand on water resources, so that every individual has enough to survive. And if the ongoing emergency at Cape Town has taught us anything, it […]

Murderer Shambhulal’s Tableau Worshipped During Ram Navami Celebration

When every state was busy celebrating Ram Navami with different tableaus of Lord Rama, the city of Jodhpur surprised everyone as people loitered on the streets with the tableau of the murderer, Shambulal Regar. Who is Shambhulal Regar? Regar, 36, hacked and burnt 50-year-old Afrazul in Rajsamand district on December 6. The brutal act was not only filmed as he propagated “love jihad”, but was also uploaded on social media, […]