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Expat Tushar Unadkat dedicates his time to altruistic endeavors in Gujarat.

Winter time is popular for NRIs hibernating to India for family-reunions, weddings, and shopping. However, there are few who come here with a mission to make a grassroots difference to the community and amongst them, one is Tushar Unadkat from Toronto, Canada. “Talking about Charities in Gujarat, there are many but a few that are close to my heart include the Lion Blind Girls Welfare Centre Trust (LBGWCT), Voluntary Youth […]

Ontario Government Considers Banning Single-Use Plastic And Ontarians Are Ecstatic

Ontario Government wishes to ban single-use plastic items such as straws and cutlery. In a new strategy to limit the amount of waste that is being put into the landfills each year, the Ontario Government has announced that they are considering banning single-use plastics throughout the province. After the government released a discussion paper which outlines their ideas for addressing the waste problem in our province, many Ontarians have seemed […]

VYOM brings AARAMBH, a first of its kind fashion show in Ahmedabad

The objective of Voluntary Youth Organization for Motivation (VYOM registered NGO in 2010) is to improve quality of life of a needy individual through people participation. The focus of VYOM is to establish a strong volunteer network for various causes of Youth, Children, physically/specially challenged, Women & Senior citizens. VYOM also provide platform to various NGO to maximize their potential. VYOM activities revolve around primary education, holistic development, empowering the […]

Toronto's Pearson Airport Will Soon Have 15 Therapy Dogs To Keep You Company While You Wait For Your Flight

Toronto’s Pearson Airport just hired 15 dogs to alleviate all the stress of travelling. Flying can be stressful. Whether it’s long flight delays, getting pulled aside for random screening at security, or just the simple fact that you’re about to be thousands of feet up in the air, there is always something to stress you out. One Canadian airport is trying to fix that though. Toronto’s Pearson Airport just hired […]

28th Annual Lions Blind Girls Welfare Centre Trust Fundraising Gala drew national and international dignitaries with about 300 guests in attendance.

On February 9, 2019, Lions Blind Girls Welfare Centre Trust (LBGWCT) successfully celebrated it’s 28th Annual Fundraising Gala at 30 Goyagate Society in Vadodara drawing national and international dignitaries with about 300 guests in attendance. Found in 1991 by Shree Naginbhai Patel, the school started in a small tenement in Citizen Society, Ellora Park and today, the school serves 40 students. All students receive FREE education, lodging, and boarding in […]

Wealth of richest 9 Indians equivalent to bottom 50% of population: Oxfam study

A study conducted by Oxfam on Monday revealed that the fortunes of Indian billionaires increased by Rs 2,200 crore a day last year, with the top 1 per cent of the country’s richest getting richer by 39 per cent, while the bottom-half of the population saw an increase of just 3 per cent in their wealth. Oxfam, the international rights group, also said in its annual study that globally, the […]

Clamorworld Special: Of The Sedition Act And Its Relevance Today

The debate over the relevance of the colonial-era Sedition Act has again come to the forefront. I don’t want to put a view on whether Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid or Anirban Bhattacharya’s action was anti-India. It is for the Supreme Court to take a stance on it. As a citizen, I feel their statement in support of a terrorist and against India were surely condemn-able and the Court is best […]

Apex Consulting presents the 7th One Love Awards Gala

7th Annual One Love Awards Gala will be held on Saturday, February 2nd at Elite Banquet Hall, 1850 Albion Road in Toronto with Keynote by the American University female Chaplain Tahera Ahmed discussing the indispensable nature of diversity chaplains’ prisons! In recognition of inmates’ reintegration, the One Love gala was inspired by Bob Marley’s song one love! Seven years ago, when diversity chaplaincy was under threat, thanks to a Minister […]

A Clamorworld Special Tribute To The Face Of Young India- Swami Vivekananda

When you consider Swami Vivekananda, it is hard to constrict yourself in a few words or sentences. He is one of India’s most recognized larger than life heroes that generations have been idolizing. His birthday on January 12 is celebrated as National Youth Day, a day to look within and tap our inner energy source and positive energy. Perhaps one of the biggest contribution by Swamiji is that he is […]

Navi Mumbai: Gas leak kills 31 monkeys, 14 rock pigeons

NAVI MUMBAI/ MUMBAI : At Least 31 monkeys and 14 rock pigeons were found dead after a gas leak incident from a nitric acid plant at Rasayani near Panvel. The acid leakage incident reportedly occurred on Thursday night around 10.30pm while the forest officials got to know of it on Saturday. But Officials say that the staff of the facility tried to suppress the incident by burying the dead animals and birds in a […]