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Clamorworld Exclusive: About Unity, Nation Building & Religious Diversity

September 11 marks the 125th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda’s 1893 address to the Parliament of Religions in Chicago. The speech that still gives me goosebumps and one that has continued to inspire generations are very relevant in the current context, more than ever. He said, “Sectarianism, bigotry, and its horrible descendant, fanaticism, have long possessed this beautiful earth. They have filled the earth with violence, drenched it often and often […]

World Suicide Day: Let them know you are there

It was the end of the road for Ankur Bindal, barely 21, when engineering subjects didn’t make any sense, finding a job afterwards seemed equally elusive, and to top it all, the first love of his life had left him. At the time the only solution that appeared alluring to him was ending his life. Speaking to PTI on the eve of World Suicide Prevention Day, Ankur, now a successful […]

Clamorworld Special: The Charm Of Sunday Breakfast

I am sure by the time most of you are reading this you are either having your breakfast or preparing for your breakfast! Afterall, there is always something special about the Sunday breakfast. It can’t be the run of the mill bread and butter nor can it be the simple chapati. It is generally elaborate, out of the ordinary and undeniably delectable. Whatever corner of the world you might be, […]

Rohingya crisis: Exodus swells 'as 270,000 flee Myanmar'+

About 270,000 Rohingya Muslims have sought shelter in Bangladesh since violence erupted in Myanmar two weeks ago, the UN says. A spokeswoman said the jump – up from 164,000 on Thursday – was because new pockets of people had been found. She called the figure “so alarming” and said urgent action was needed to address the situation in Myanmar. Those fleeing say Myanmar’s military are burning their villages and attacking […]

TEAM VADOARA MARATHON announces NRI HOME-COMING RUN at the event of Navratri in NJ.

On Saturday, September 2, BE UNITED LLC organized event of NAVRATRI (literally means “nine nights”), a multi-day Hindu festival celebrated in the autumn every year, with India’s legendry Garba singer Shree Atul Purohit at the National Guard Armory in Morris town and continue to tour 14 different States of America this season. Navratri is observed for different reasons and celebrated differently in various parts of the Indian subcontinent, however, over […]

Clamorworld Exclusive: Is India Turning Out To Be Unsafe For Journalists?

Some tweets this morning revealed a rather shocking truth about the state of journalist’s safety in our country. Can you believe, 5 journalists were killed in 2016 9 journalists were killed in 2015 So far close to 50 journalist murders have been recorded since 1992 The saddening and the shocking fact is there isn’t a conviction in any of the cases. India is amongst the 3 most dangerous countries for […]

Rally for Rivers: A campaign by the Isha Foundation that is turning our timelines blue

In what is seen as a rare collusion in the Indian landscape, leading actors of Tamil cinema, cricketers and politicians have all been brought together for an environmental initiative. ‘Rally for rivers’, a campaign organised by spiritual guru Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. And this has led to a splash of blue on everyone’s social media timeline, as celebrities step up to explain his cause – Rejuvenation of rivers in the the […]

Clamorworld Exclusive: Gauri Lankesh Murder-Is It The Death of Tolerance?

As people from across the country continue to condemn the murder of firebrand journalist, Gauri Lankesh, the big question that comes to my mind is, are we seeing the death of tolerance? I will not go into details of what Gauri said or wrote or who or what was the murder motive. The bottom line is a murder is a murder. No line of justification can adequately support taking away […]

Unemployment is rising. It's a good sign!

The unemployment rate has been crawling up recently. I consider this to be a good sign because this seems to reflect a rise in the labour participation rate. In the recent past, that is since April 2017, the unemployment rate has been below 4 per cent. In any mature economy such a low rate could be considered as close to full employment. But, we do not have full employment. Our […]

India facing problem of 'severe under-employment': Niti

Making a case for promoting highly productive and well paid jobs, Niti Aayog has said that not unemployment but a “severe under-employment” is the main problem facing the country. The government think-tank in its three-year action plan, released last week, has said that a focus on the domestic market through an import-substitution strategy would give rise to a group of relatively small firms behind a high wall of protection. Contrary […]