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No forensic analysis in 13,000 rape cases every year, says Maneka Gandhi

Union Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi on Friday said there was no forensic analysis in 13,000 rape cases every year as the country’s laboratories lacked the capacity. “We have found that the weakest part of crime detection is forensic,” she said while announcing a plan to strengthen the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) in Chandigarh. Her ministry and the Home Ministry are starting with the CFSL in Chandigarh […]

Japan killed 330 whales for 'research' in 2017/18, 122 were pregnant: Report

Japan reported killed at least 333 minke whales in 2017/18 for research-related purposes, according to a report released by the International Whaling Commission (IWC). Of these, 122 were reportedly pregnant when they were hunted down. The IWC has said that two vessels were fitted with whaling canons, which fire spears at high velocity, and sent out to hunt whales. It is alleged that the canons were also equipped with grenades. […]

The human price of climate change

What are the most worrisome aspects of climate change for India? Can they be solved?  Environment crusader Sunita Narain believes it is possible.  A must read excerpt from her latest book, Conflicts Of Interest. Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio visited us for a sit-down interview on climate change for his film Before The Flood. We took him to Nuh in the Mewat district of Haryana. We wanted Leonardo to see the impact of unseasonal […]

This Gutsy IAS Officer Who Unearthed the 940-Crore Fodder Scam Is Now the New I&B Secretary!

IAS Amit Khare was appointed the new secretary of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry, as part of a major bureaucratic reshuffle involving 24 senior IAS officers by the Centre on Friday. Don’t know who this brave bureaucrat is? This IAS officer rose to the limelight after unearthing a two-decade-old Rs 940 crore fodder scam. Or as it is popularly called – The ‘Chara Ghotala’ in Bihar and Jharkhand. This is […]


Things I would like my children to do, so that, they do not become knowingly or unknowingly bullies. Children are playful, they love to play and there is nothing wrong about it. There is a fine line between empowering children, giving them too much power and keeping them away from empowerment by saying no to everything that they do. Empowering the child too much may make him a bully where […]

Clamorworld Special:Unravelling The Rural Electrification Puzzle In India

I am sure most of you have read Prime Minister Modi’s tweet. April 28 will go down as a milestone moment in India’s history. Manipur’s Leisang village became the last to be electrified. According to the Government norms, a village is considered electrified if at least 10% of its households, as well as public places such as schools, panchayat offices and health centres, have access to electricity. The electrification is […]

Why It is Not Fair To Smear Asifa’s Plight In A Religious Hue?

Over the past few weeks the commentary is turning almost hoarse on the plight of the eight year old girl, Asifa. The heinous crime committed against her is now taking a religious hue. People suddenly seem to forget the kind of torture that was meted out to an innocent eight year old. Instead a whole new angle of religious inconsistencies is being highlighted. Strangely I am reminded of the fateful […]

Why this India priest carried an 'untouchable' into a temple

A Hindu priest from a temple in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad made headlines for carrying a Dalit (formerly known as untouchable) man on his shoulders into the temple’s inner sanctum. It has been seen as a dramatic move because Dalits have historically been denied entry into temples as they are considered “impure” by many conservative Hindus. Even today, most temples in India do not allow Dalits to enter. […]

48 MPs, MLAs have cases of crime against women, says rights body

At least 48 MPs and MLAs have declared cases related to crime against women, with BJP having the highest number of such politicans at 12, a report said on Thursday amid a nation-wide outrage over rape incidents, including UP’s Unnao where a ruling party lawmaker is an accused. “Out of 1,580 (33 per cent) MPs/MLAs analysed with declared criminal cases, 48 have declared cases related to crime against women,” as […]

What can cause the current cash crunch in the country?

Many parts of India has been undergoing a so called cash crunch. Though the overall impact of crunch is fairly limited in cities like Mumbai, the ATMs in many of the rural and select urban locations are running dry. What can be the possible reasons for this? Is there really any cash crunch in the country or is the RBI regulating the cash flow? There are many theories doing the […]