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'Go ahead and marry me off - I'll kill myself': Escaped child bride, 11, explains why she ran away from home

Nada al-Ahdal was saved from the forced engagement by her uncle He told her suitor that she ‘was no good for him and did not wear a veil’  The practice of marrying young girls is widespread in Yemen A harrowing video has been posted on online of an 11-year-old Yemeni girl who claims she ran away to escape an arranged marriage. Nada al-Ahdal says she was only saved from the […]

Quake hits northwest China; 89 dead

  Rescue teams are scrambling to reach the site of Monday morning’s strong and shallow earthquake in northwestern China that has killed at least 89 people, according to state media. Another 584 people were injured and 17 were believed missing after the quake tore through Gansu Province, state media reported. The quake hit along the border of two counties — Min and Zhang — at around 7:45 a.m. local time, […]

Norwegian woman: I was raped in Dubai, now I face prison sentence

Norwegian interior designer Marte Deborah Dalelv has spoken out after being handed a 16-month prison sentence in Dubai — after she went to police to report she had been raped by a colleague. The 24-year-old was convicted and sentenced on charges of having unlawful sex, making a false statement and illegal consumption of alcohol. Her story is dominating the headlines in Norway, and has raised serious questions over the way […]

Stunning images of Costa Concordia captured by DRONE reveal the work underway to salvage hulking wreck

Filmed at sunset the haunting film shows the stricken ship 32 people died on the wreck in 2012 – it is now lying in around 50ft of water The unmanned aerial vehicle slowly travels across the ship Operation is now underway to right the ship before towing it away Stunning footage of the ill-fated Costa Concordia captured by a drone has revealed the work underway to salvage hulking wreck. Filmed […]

Father banned from seeing his newborn son after contracting horrendous herpes rash which could have killed the child

Tom Greenhalgh was not allowed to be in contact with his son for two weeks The rare condition could have killed the newborn baby His upper body and head were completely covered in painful, weeping sores Thinks he became infected by nervously scratching while awaiting the birth A father was banned from seeing his newborn son after contracting a horrific herpes rash. Tom Greenhalgh, 27, was not allowed to be […]

India jails six over Swiss gang rape in Madhya Pradesh

A court in India has sentenced six men to life imprisonment over the gang rape of a Swiss tourist in March this year. The woman, 39, and her husband were attacked while camping in woodland in central Madhya Pradesh state. The men, aged between 22 and 30, were all from a village close to the scene of the rape. The attack came months after a 23-year-old Indian woman died following […]

Dramatic moment packed bus in Samoa plunges into raging flooded river killing girls aged five and 12

The bus was travelling on a flooded road in Savaii during torrential rain A 12-year-old and five-year-old girl were killed in the horrific crash Several other people were taken to hospital with broken bones Tipping over into raging flood waters after a swollen river burst its banks it’s a miracle that anyone on this packed Samoan bus made it out alive. The screams of those on board can be heard […]

Ranting man in wheelchair 'blows himself up' in arrivals hall at Beijing Airport

Reports of explosion in Terminal 3 at busy airport in Chinese capital Pictures posted online show man in wheelchair brandishing an object Believed to be a packet of gunpowder used to make firecrackers Another photo shows a wheelchair on its side in smoke-filled terminal State media says man was hospitalised and nobody else injured A man in a wheelchair set off a home-made bomb in the arrivals hall at Beijing […]

Pictured: The horrific moment a woman smashes her head clean through the car windshield in China … and she survives

The crash happened earlier this week in southern China’s Guanxi province The woman, who wasn’t wearing a seat belt, smashed through the window Firefighters had to enlarge the hole around her neck to free her Both the woman and the car’s driver are said to be recovering in hospital A Chinese woman miraculously survived a car crash which saw her head smash through the windscreen and become wedged in the […]

S Asia national disunity 'hampers flood warnings'

A lack of co-operation between South Asian countries is preventing timely flood warnings that could save lives and property during the Monsoon season. Erratic and extreme rainfall is causing catastrophic flooding, most recently in northwest India and Nepal following heavy rainfall in June. But the sharing of hydrological data can be a sensitive issue because of disputes over water use. Officials say a network is required to share data across […]