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The migrant birds illegally shot in Malta

Each spring thousands of migrant birds cross Malta on their way to breeding grounds in Europe, including the UK. In Malta, hunting birds is a cultural tradition, governed by strict rules, but some protected birds are illegally killed. Here a member of conservation group BirdLife Malta watches for migrating flocks. Hunters are only allowed to shoot two types of bird – quails and turtle doves – within a quota. This […]

Sunil Tripathi :Indian-American student's family issues video plea

The anxious family of 22-year-old Indian-American Sunil Tripathi, who went missing on March 16, has issued a passionate video plea for him to return home. “Not knowing his whereabouts, we feel strongly about communicating with him directly,” said Judy Tripathi, Sunil’s mother in the short video released on Monday. “Each of us wants to express to Sunil our unconditional love and support, and how much we long for him to […]

Delhi-NCR's Rajghat Power Plant alone dumps 5.5 tonnes of arsenic in the Yamuna every year

Over Rs 1,500 crore spent, and not a drop to show. Atul Chaurasia travels 600 km along the Yamuna and finds the river dying at every bend. AT MATHURA, countless songs fill the air regaling Lord Krishna’s relationship with hisgopis and the Yamuna. One look at the Yamuna today leaves one wondering whether there is anything left of the river of these songs. Instead, it is the masani nullah that catches the eye. […]


Anita Moorjani -Cancer Survivor

Anita worked in the corporate field before being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Four years after being diagnosed her body began shutting down. As her organs failed she entered into an extraordinary near-death experience where she realised the cause of her disease as well as waking up to who she truly is. On regaining consciousness she found her condition had improved so rapidly that she was released from hospital within weeks. […]

24-Hour Hunger Strike Called By Medha Patkar After Slum Demolitions At Golibar

Despite Housing and Poverty Alleviation Minister Ajay Maken’s plea to halt evictions at Golibar until completion of inquiry into the slum rehabilitation scheme, forty seven houses were razed off Along with 600 people, Medha Patkar  launched a 24-hour hunger strike today in protest of the demolitions at Guru Kripa Society in Golibar slum in Mumbai. The demolitions took place despite Housing and Poverty Alleviation Minister Ajay Maken’s plea to Maharashtra […]

In Drought hit Maharashtra,India - IPL organisers to waste 48 lakh litres of Water for Matches

Drought hit Maharashtra where cattles, birds are dying with lack of water and famers are committing suicide. IPL 6 runs for 8 weeks. Severely drought hit Maharashtra will host 16 games. Each week needs at least 3, 00,000 liters of water for grass and pitches. Soil 6 will consume 48 lakh liters of precious water JUST for the ground maintenance.   It’s being questioned if entertainment is more important over […]

To Save the King of the Jungle, a Call to Pen Him In

A male lion walking near an electrified fence at the Sanwild Animal Sanctuary in South Africa. A new research paper suggests that fencing in Africa’s lions may be the best way to protect them. After 35 years of field research in the Serengeti plains, Craig Packer, director of the Lion Research Center at the University of Minnesota, has lost all patience with the romance of African wilderness. Fences, he says, […]

Small Children, Big Dreams

In Pic :The office bearers committee of the Makala Kavalu Samiti (MAKASA). Photo: Kumar Sringeri In a small town in Karnataka, government-school students are working to ensure that their schools meet the infrastructure norms of the RTE Act. Can this model be replicated elsewhere in the country? Kishore Mahadevaiah, a Std VII student, is describing his ideal school. “The school should be very clean and neat. In every class, there […]